Albi, Henry

, a native of Bolene in the comtat Venaissin, was born in 1590, and entered the order of the Jesuits at the age of sixteen. After having taught the languages for seven years, he studied divinity, which he afterwards taught, with philosophy, for twelve years, and was successively rector of the colleges of Avignon, Aries, Grenoble, and Lyons. He died at Aries, Octobers, 1659. He wrote, 1. “Eloges historiques des Cardinaux Francais et etrangers, mis en parallele,Paris, 1644, 4to, a superficial work, of which father Le Long mentions an edition in 1653, with the additional lives of the cardinals de Berulle, Richelieu, and Rochefoucault. 2. “L’Anti-Theophile paroissial,Lyons, 1649, 12mo. Bonaventure Bassee, a capuchin, had published at Antwerp, in 1635, his “Theophilus Parochialis,” and Benoit Puys, the curate of St. Nizier at Lyons, gave a translation of it in 1649, in which he professed to have undertaken this labour as an answer to those who declaimed against performing and attending mass in parishes; and when Albi’s Anti-Theophile appeared, | answered him in a work entitled “Reponse Chretienne.” On this Albi wrote, 3, “Apologie pour l’Anti-Theophile paroissial,Lyons, 1649, under the feigned name of Paul de Cabiac. The following year these two adversaries became reconciled. 4. A translation from the Latin of father Alexander of Rhodes, of the “History of Tunquin, and the progress of the Gospel there from 1627 to 1646,Lyons, 1651, 4to, a very curious work, but heavy in point of style. 5. The Lives of various pious persons, and some religious pieces, of which Niceron has given a catalogue in vol. XXXIII. 1


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