Arndt, Charles

, [son of Joshua Arndt], was born in 1673 at Gustron, and died in 1721, professor of Hebrew at Rostock. His principal works are: 1. “Schediasma de Phalaride, M. Antonini scriptis, et Agapeti Scheda regia,Rostock, 1702, 4to. 2. “Schediasmata Bibliothecæ Græcæ difficilioris,” ibid. 3. “Bibliotheca politico-heraldica,1705, 8vo. 4. “Systema literarium, complectens prsecipua scientiæ literariæ monumenta,Rostock, 1714, 4to, a work which entitles him to rank among the founders of bibliography. 5. “Dissertationes philologicæ,” on Hebrew antiquities principally, ibid. 1714, 4to. 6. The life of his father, under the title “Fama Arndtiana reflorescens,1697, 4to, with an appendix, 1710, 4to, and many articles in the Leipsic Memoirs. 2


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