Bulkley, Charles

, a protestant dissenting minister, was born in London, Oct 18, 1719. His mother was the daughter, by a second wife, of the celebrated Matthew Henry. He was educated first at Chester, from whence he went to Dr. Doddridge’s academy at Northampton in 1736, and commenced preacher in the summer of 1740, his first settlement being at Welford, in Northamptonshire. He appears to have afterwards removed to London, but quitted the presbyterian sect, was baptized by immersion, and joined the general baptists. He preached likewise at Colchester, but how long cannot be ascertained. In 1743, he was chosen minister of a meeting in White’s alley, Moorfields. In 1745, this congregation removed to Barbican, and in 1780 to Worship-street, Shoreditch, where it remained until his death April 15, 1797. Before this event his infirmities had unfitted him for. public service; yet at one period he must have enjoyed great popularity, as he was chosen to succeed Dr. James Foster, in the Old Jewry lecture. Besides several single sermons, preached on particular occasions, he published 1. “Discourses on several subjects,1752. 2. “A Vindication of Lord Shaftesbury’s writings,1753. 3. “Notes on Lord Bolingbroke’s Philosophical Writings,1755, 8vo. 4v “Observations on Natural Religion and Christianity, candidly proposed in a Review of the Discourses lately published | by the lord bishop of London,” 1757. 5. “Œconomy of the Gospel,1764, 4to. 6. “Discourses on the Parables and Miracles of Christ,1770, 4 vols. 7. “Catechetical Exercises,1774. 8. “Preface to notes on the Bible,1791, and after his death, “Notes on the Bible,” 3 vols. 8vo. 1


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