Events noted in 1753

The event pages are experimental; the OCR errors in the text mean this is incomplete and unreliable but I offer it in the hopes that it will be of some use. Events shown include births and deaths of people with their own entries, and also the publication dates of some of the works cited.

1752 1754


“Dilucidationum Thucydidearum, pars prima,” Abresch, Frederic Louis scholar

Born: Albon, Claude Camille, Francois Count D' was born at Lyons in 1753

Born: Allainval, The Abbe Leonor-Jean-Christine Soulas D' was born at Chartres (?–1753)

“The New Birth, or Christian Regeneration, in Miltonic or blank verse,” Allein divine

“Tirocinium Botanicum Edinburgense,” Alston, Charles botanist

“Metelemata philoiogico-critica, quibus difficilioribus N. Test, locis ex antiquitnte lux affunditur,” Altmann, John George divine

“Principia Ethica, ex monitis legis naturæ et præceptis religionis Christianæ deducta,” Altmann, John George divine

Died: Arnoult, John Baptist an ex-jesuit

“Panegyricus of Pacatus,” Arntzenius, John philologist

“Conjectures sur les Memoires originaux qui ont servi a Moise pour ecrire la Genese,” Astruc, John a very celebrated French physiciaiTj was born in 1684

“Mercurius in sole visus, observatio habita Romae, &c.” Audiffredi, John Baptist mathematician

“Miserere,” Auvergne, Antoine D' composer

Died: Baring, Daniel Eberhard was born in 1690 in Hildesheim

“Aventures de Victoire Ponty,” Bastide, John Francis De La writer

“Les Tetes Folles,” Bastide, John Francis De La writer

“The blessing of Judah by Jacob considered; and the era of Daniel’s weeks ascertained, in two dissertations,” Bate, Julius divine

Died: Beausobre, Isaac divine

“Des dissertations philosophiques sur la nature de Feu,” Beausobre, Lewis perhaps of the same family with the preceding

“Le Neptune Frangais,” Bellin, Nicholas geographical engineer of the marine

“Ordo temporifm, a principio per periodos ceconomise divinoe historicas atque propheticas, at finem usque ita deductus, ut tota series et quarumvis partium analogia sempiternae virtutis ac sapientiae cultoribus ex script. Vet. et Nov. Test, tanquam uno revera documento proponatur,” Bengel, John Albert divine

“Dissertatio de Aloide,” Bergen, Charles Augustus De anatomist

“Voyage to tha Moon,” Bergerac, Savinien Cyrano De was born about 1620

“Historia Socinianismi Prussic.” Bock, Frederic Samuel professor of divinity and Greek in the university of Konigsberg

“Novum Testamentum ex versione jEthiopica, &c. in Latinum,” Bode, Christopher Augustus a learned professor of the university of Helmstadt

Died: Boerhaave, Abraham Kaan professor of medicine in the university of Petersburg

Died: Bott, Thomas clergyman

Died: Boyle, Richard third earl of Burlington and fourth earl of Cork

Died: Boze, Claude Gros De antiquary

“Examen de PApologie de M. I 7 Abbe de Prades,” Brotier, Gabriel scholar

Died: Bruckman, Francis Ernest botanist

“A Vindication of Lord Shaftesbury’s writings,” Bulkley, Charles a protestant dissenting minister

“An Essay towards a complete new system of Midwifery,” Burton, John antiquary

“Medicine de l'esprit,” Camus, Antony Le physician

“Journal Economique,” Camus, Antony Le physician

“Storia di Alesa antica citta di Sicilia col rapporto de' suoi pin insigni monumenti, ike.” Castello, Gabriel Lancelot antiquary

“Dissertation sur Pexistence et la nature du fluide des nerfs,” Cat, Claude Nicholas Le physician

Died: Clayton, Robert bishop

“Specimen Bibliothecae Hispano-Maiansianae, sive idea novi catalog! critici operum scriptorum Hispanorum, quse kabet in sua bibliotheca Gregorius Maiansius,” Clement, David an eminent German bibliographer

“A Spital Sermon,” Cowper, Spencer was the second son of the lord high chancellor Cowper

“Probabilia critica, in quibus veteres Graeci et Latini scriptores emendantur & declarantur,” Crusius, Christian professor of eloquence at Wittemberg

“Sylla,” Derrick, Samuel a native of Ireland

“A Voyage to the Moon,” Derrick, Samuel a native of Ireland

Died: Dundas, Robert of Arniston

“Eclaircissemens sur le toi et sur le vous,” Durand, David a very eloquent French protcstant preacher at the Savoy in London

“The great Christian doctrine of Original Sin defended, containing a reply to the objections of Dr. John Taylor,” Edwards, Jonathan president of the college of New Jersey

“Delia casa Milano,” Expilli, John Joseph writer

Died: Faccio, Nicolas Of Duilier a man of considerable learning

“Own Times,” Flexman, Roger, D. D. clergyman

“The Englishman in Paris,” Foote, Samuel esq. called the English Aristophanes

“Regum veterum numismata,” Froelich, Erasmus a learned medallist

“Sixteen Discourses on the Second Article of the Creed, preached at Berlin by the ordinary of the Brethren,” Gambold, John bishop

Born: Garnham, Rev. Robert Edward divine

“Le Patriote Fran$ais et impartiale,” Gebelin, Anthony Court De writer

“Discorso sopra alcuni trattati d'Agricoitura,” Genovesi, Antony or

“Remarks upon a Charge by Dr. Chapman.” Heathcote, Ralph divine

“De homine sano et ajgroto Carmen, sistens Physiologiam, Pathologiam, Hygienen, Therapiam, materiam medicam, cum pnefatione deantiqua medicina,” Hebenstreit, John Ernest physician

“Remarks on Lord BolingbrokeV Letters on the Study and Use of History, so far as they relate to the History of the Old Testament, &c. in a letter to a lady of quality,” Hervey, James divine

“Burntiam’s pious Memorials,” Hervey, James divine

“A short Review of Mr. Hooke’s Observations, &c. concerning the Roman Senate, and the character of Dionysius of Halicarnassus,” Hooke, Nathaniel celebrated for a “Roman History

Died: Huber, Mary a voluminous female author

“De Memnone Graecorum, 1753,” Jablonski, Paul-Ernest the son of Daniel-Ernest

Died: Jeffreys, George poet (?–1755)

Died: Jenyns, Soame writer

“Attilio Regulo,” Jomelli, Nicolo one of the most intelligent

“The Earl of Essex,” Jones, Henry writer

“A full Answer to bishop Clayton’s Essay on Spirit,” Jones, William divine

“Essay on Musical Expression,” Jortin, Dr. John divine

“Le Salon,” Lacombe, James historian

“Elementa geometrise theoricx et practices,” Lecchi, John Anthony a learned Italian mathe. matician

“Christianity not founded on Argument;” Leland, John writer

“L'Art des accouchemens démontré par des principes de physique et de mechanique,” Levret, Andrew an eminent French surgeon and accoucheur

“Species Plantarum,” Linnæus, Charles afterwards Von Linne'

“New charts of the Discoveries of admiral de Fonte, or Fuente, made in 1640, and those of other navigators, Spanish, Portuguese, English, Dutch, French, and Russian, in the Northern seas, with, explications.” Lisle, Joseph Nicholas De was born at Paris April 4

“Seneca de Beneficiis,” Lynar, Rochus Frederic Count statesman

“Seneca de Beneficiis,” Lynar, Rochus Frederic Count statesman

“History of the College of Corpus-Christi,” Masters, Robert antiquary

“Gli Scrittori d'ltalia, cioe Notitie Storiche e Critiche intorno alle vite, e agli Scritti dei Letterati Italiahi,” Mazzuchelli, John Maria a nobleman of Brescia

“Commentatio de Battologia, ad Matth. vi. 7.” Michaelis, John David critic

“L'Ami des Homines,” Mirabeau, Honore' Gabriel, Comte De well known both by his writings

“Lettre a M. le Hoi au sujet de I'Histoire de la femme Suppiot,” Morand, John Francis Clement was born at Paris in April 1726

Died: Mudge, Thomas an eminent mechanist

Died: Nichols, Frank physician and anatomist (?–1778)

“A general idea of the Government and People of Indostan.” Orme, Robert historian

Died: Pajot, Lewis-Leo Count d'Ansembray

“Machine for beating regular Time in Music.” Pajot, Lewis-Leo Count d'Ansembray

“The Christian Sabbath as old as the Creation,” Parry, Richard rector of Wichampton in Dorsetshire

“Anatomic Chirurgicale publié cidevant par Jean Palfin,” Petit, Anthony anatomist

“An Inquiry into the nature and etfect of the writ of Habeas Corpus, the great bulwark of English liberty, both at common law, and under the act of parliament and also into the propriety of explaining and extending that act,” Pratt, Charles, Earl Camden lawyer (?–1794)

“The Essay on Spirit,” Randolph, Thomas archdeacon of Oxford

Died: Raymond, Robert

Died: Riccoboni, Louis writer

“A Charge to the Clergy of Essex,” Rutherforth, Thomas divine

“Concio ad Clerum,” Sharp, Thomas was born about 1693

“Dignity of the Christian Ministry,” Skelton, Philip clergyman

“Thucydides,” Smith, William divine

“Adventures of Ferdinand count Fathom,” Smollett, To Bias historian

Died: Stevens, William a very worthy

“The Importance of Children; or, Motives to the good Education of Children.” Taylor, John a learned dissenting teacher

“Select Cases and Consultations in Physic, by Dr. Woodward,” Templeman, Peter the son of an eminent attorney at Dorchester in the county of Dorset

Died: Thirlby, Styan critic

Born: Thompson, Benjamin Count Rumford

“The balance of the merits of the whigs and tories,” Turner, Daniel a dissenting minister of the baptist persuasion

“A Vindication of the Evidences and Authenticity of the Gospels, from the objections of the late lord Bolingbroke, in his letters on the study of history,” Whalley, Peter critic

“The Epigoniad,” Wilkie, William poet

“Bibl. dell' Eloquenza Italiana di Foutanini,” Zeno, Apostolo poet