Events noted in 1791

The event pages are experimental; the OCR errors in the text mean this is incomplete and unreliable but I offer it in the hopes that it will be of some use. Events shown include births and deaths of people with their own entries, and also the publication dates of some of the works cited.

1790 1792


Publication: “Tabulae qusedam Geographicae et alia ejusdem argurnenti specimina, Arabice,” by Abulfeda, Ishmael historian

Publication: “Tabula septima ex Abulfedoe Geographia, Mesopotamiam exhibens, Arabice, cura E. F. C. Rosenmuller, notas adspersit H. E. G. Paulus,” by Abulfeda, Ishmael historian

Publication: “Two Sermons; the first addressed to British seamen, the second to the British West India slaves,” by Adair, James Makittrick physician

Died: Ahlwardt, Peter professor of logic and metaphysics at GreifewaJd

Publication: “General view of the variations which have taken place in the affairs of the East India Company since the conclusion of the war in India in 1781,” by Anderson, George a young man of extraordinary talents

Publication: “The Origin of Arianism disclosed,” by Arius the founder of the sect of Arians

Died: Auger, Athanasius critic

Died: Beard, John an English actor and singer

Died: Bergius, Peter Jonas physician

Died: Berkenhout, Dr. John writer

Publication: “Letters on Education, to his son at Oxford,” by Berkenhout, Dr. John writer

Publication: “The Volcanos of ancient and modern times considered physically and mineralogically,” by Beroldingen, Francis De an eminent mineralogist

Publication: “Journal de sciences miles,” by Bertholon, De St. Lazare philosopher

Died: Bever, Thomas scholar

Died: Boyd, Hugh writer

Publication: “Constituent assembly,” by Brissot De Warville, James Peter a very active agent in the French revolution

Publication: “Instructions for his regiment, &c.” by Brunswick-Oels, Frederick Augustus, Duke Of a general of infantry in the Prussian army

Publication: “Preface to notes on the Bible,” by Bulkley, Charles a protestant dissenting minister

Publication: “Journal de la maladie et de la mort de Mirabeau,” by Cabanis, Peter John George physician

Publication: “A Sketch of the New Constitution of France,” by Christie, Thomas writer

Publication: “Memorial of Alexander Dalrymple,” by Dalrymple, Alexander an eminent hydrographer

Publication: “Oriental Repertory,” by Dalrymple, Alexander an eminent hydrographer

Died: Dalton, Richard keeper of the pictures

Publication: “Christ Crucified,” by De Courcy, Richard vicar of St

Died: Fixlmillner, Placidus astronomer

Publication: “A Discourse on Pain,” by Fordyce, James clergyman

Died: Fourcroy, Charles René De marechal de camp

Died: Hooke, Nathaniel celebrated for a “Roman History

Publication: “The Orlando, reduced to twenty-four books, the narrative connected, and the stories disposed in a regular series,” by Hoole, John poet

Publication: “London Practice of Physic.” by Hulme, Nathaniel physician

Publication: “Select critical Remarks upon the English version of the first ten chapters of Genesis.” by Hurdis, James poet

Publication: “A Treatise on the present state of Music,” by Jackson, William composer

Publication: “An Address delivered at the Interment of Richard Price, D. D. F. R. S. &c.” by Kippis, Andrew divine

Died: Macaulay, Catherine the name of her second husband

Publication: “Letters to a young Clergyman,” by Orton, Job divine

Publication: “De rebus Emanuelis regis invictissimi virtute et auspicio gestis;” by Osorio, Jerome divine

Publication: “Novelliero Italiano,” by Parabosco, Jerome writer

Publication: “Origin of Arianism disclosed,” by Philo, Judæus writer

Publication: “Les Nouvelles Lunes,” by Reigny, Louis Abel Beffroi commonly called Cousin Jaques

Publication: “Historical Disquisition concerning the knowledge which the Ancients had of India, and the Progress of Trade with that country prior to the discovery of the Cape of Good Hope,” by Robertson, William one of the most illustrious names in modern literature

Died: Robinson, Thomas divine

Publication: “L'Esprit des Peres, comparé aux plus celebres ecrivains, sur les matieres interessantes de la philosophie et de la religion,” by Rose, John Baptist a worthy French priest

Publication: “the passage of Venus over the Sun.” by Rose, John Baptist a worthy French priest

Publication: “Treatise on the Plague,” by Russel, Alexander physician

Publication: “Gulistan, ou l'empire des roses,” by Sadi poet

Died: Serassi, Peter Anthony an Italian biographer

Publication: “Nine Sermons on the Beatitudes,” by Smith, William divine

Publication: “The History and Antiquities of the ancient town of Leicester,” by Throsby, John writer

Died: Whiston, William divine (16671752)

Died: Wilson, Thomas was born