Ceruti, Frederick

, a learned philologist, was born at Verona in 1541, and was brought to France in his infancy, by John Fregosa, bishop of Agen: here he was educated, and for some time served in the army, after which his patron sent him to Rome, with a view to the ecclesiastical life. Ceruti, however, being disinclined to this, returned to his native country, and married. He afterwards opened a school at Verona, in which he had great success, and along with Guarinoni was at the head of the academy of the Moderati. In 1585 he published an edition of Horace at Verona, with a paraphrase, 4to, and in 1597 an edition of Juvenal and Persius, 4to. He also wrote commentaries on some parts of Cicero, and on the Georgics of Virgil, but it does not appear that they were | printed. His other published works are, two Letters in the “Amphotides Scioppiana;” a “Dialogus de Comcedia,Verona, 1593, 8vo; another, “De recta adolescentulorum institutione,” and a collection of Latin poems in 1584. He died in 1579. 1