Garnier, John

, a Jesuit, professor of classical learning, philosophy, and rhetoric, was born at Paris ifl 1612, and died at Bologna in 1681, in a deputation to Rome from his order. His principal works are, 1. An edition of “Mercator,” folio, 1673. 2. An edition of the “Liberat,” in 8vo, Paris, 1675, with learned notes. 3. An edition of the “Liber diurnus,” or Journal of the Popes, with historical notes, and very curious dissertations, 168Q, 4to. 4. “The supplement to the works of Theodoret,1685, 4to. 5. “Systemæ Bibliothecæ Collegii Parisiensis, societatis Jesu,Paris, 1678, 4to; a very useful book to those who are employed in arranging large libraries. 2


Moreri.—Niceron, vols. XL.—-Saxii Onomast.