Goetze, George Henry

, a learned and zealous Lutheran, was born at Leipsic in 1668, studied at | Wirtemberg and Jena, and exercised his functions as a minister in various parts of Germany. He was the author of many very singular works in Latin and German, of which Moreri gives a list of 152, but the greater part of these are dissertations, or theses, on various subjects of divinity, sacred criticism, and ecclesiastical history. He was lastly superintendant of the churches at Lubec, and died in that city, March 25, 1729. The most distinguished among hU Latin works are, “Selecta ex Historia Litteraria,” Lubecce, 1709, 4to; “Meletemata Annebergensia,” Lubecae, 1709, 3 vols. 12mo, containing several dissertations, which have appeared separately. 1


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