Heusinger, James Frederick

, was a nephew of the former, under whom he made his principal studies at Gotha. He was born in 1719, at Usingen in Wetteravia, near Eisenach; and, when prepared by his uncle for academical lectures, completed his education at Jena. There, after some time, he began to teach philology, and continued his lectures for six years; -but in 1750 removed to Wolfenbuttel, where he was at first second master of the principal school but in 1759 became head-master. These situations he filled with the greatest credit being a good grammarian, a sound critic, and an admirable interpreter of Greek and Latin authors. He died in 1778, having made himself famous by several very learned publications; the chief of which are, 1. “A specimen of observations on the Ajax and Electra of Sophocles,1746, at Jena. 2. “An edition of Plutarch on Education, with the version of Xylander corrected, and his own annotations,” Leipsic, 1749. This tract, however, Wyttenbach pronounces to be one of those that are falsely ascribed to Plutarch. 3. “Flavii Mallii Theodori, de metris liber;.” from old manuscripts. This was printed in 4to, at Wolfenbuttel, in 1759. J. F. Heusinger was twice married, and left a son, who was also a man of learning. 2