Levret, Andrew

, an eminent French surgeon and accoucheur, was born in 1703, and was admitted a member of the royal academy of surgery at Paris in February 1742. He obtained a hiu;h and extensive reputation in his department of the art by the improvements which he made in some of the instruments necessary to be employed in certain difficult cases (especially the forceps), and by the prodigious number of pupils whom he instructed. He was employed and honoured with official appointments by all the female branches of the royal family. He published several works, which underwent various editions and translations. 1 “Observations sur les causes et les accidens deplusieurs accouchemens laborieux,Paris, 1747. To the fourth edition, in 1770, were added, “Observations on the lever of Roonhuysen.” 2. “Observations sur la cure radicale de plusieurs polypes de la matrice, de la gorge, et du nez, operée par de nouveaux nioyens,” ibid. 1749, &c. 3. “Suite des observations sur les causes et les accidens de plusieurs accouchemens laborieux,” ibid. 1751. 4. “Explication de plusieurs figures sur le mechanisme de la grossesse, et de Paccouchement,” ibid. 1752. 5. “L’Art des accouchemens démontré par des principes de physique et de mechanique,” ibid. 1753, &c. 6. “Essai sur Tabus des regies generales, et centre les prejuges qui s’opposent aux progres de Tart des accouchemens,” ibid. 1766. This author died Jan. 22, 1780. 2


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