, an ancient mathematician and geographer, was a native of Caryanda, in Caria, and is noticed by Herodotus, and by Suidas, who, however, has evidently confounded different persons of the same name. There is a Periplus which still remains, bearing the name of Scylax, and which is a brief survey of the countries along the shores | of the Mediterranean and Euxine seas, together with part of the western coast of Africa surveyed by Hanno; but it seems doubtful to what Scylax it belongs. This Periplus has come down to us in a corrupted state: it was first published from a palatine ms by Hoeschelius and others in 1600. It was afterwards edited by Isaac Vossius in 1639, by Hudson in 1698, and by Gronovius in 1700. 1


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