Tixier, John

, generally known by his assumed name Ravisius Textor, was lord of Ravisy, in the district of | Nivernois, whence he took the former of his latinized names. He was esteemed as a scholar in his own time, which was the commencement of the sixteenth century, and taught polite literature in the college of Navarre, at Paris, with considerable success. He died in 1522, and, as some say, in great poverty. His writings were chiefly, if not entirely, in Latin; and there are extant of them, 1. “Epistles,Lyons, 1569, 8vo. 2. “Dialogues,” Rott. 1651, 12mo, published also with the epistles. 3. “Epigrams,” 4. “Epithetorum Opus,” Bas. 1592, 4to. There is an epitome of this work published at London in 1657, 12mo. 5. “Expositio Nominum.” 6. An edition of the “Opera Scriptorurn de claris Mulieribus,Paris, 1651, fol. This, however, as is evident, must have been a republication from his edition. 1