Events noted in 1752

The event pages are experimental; the OCR errors in the text mean this is incomplete and unreliable but I offer it in the hopes that it will be of some use. Events shown include births and deaths of people with their own entries, and also the publication dates of some of the works cited.

1751 1753


“Essay on Hume’s Essay on Miracles,” Adams, William master of Pembroke College

Died: Alberoni, Julius an eminent Spanish statesman

“Letters on the state of Religion and the Sciences in Great Britain,” Alberti, George William a preacher at Tundern in Hanover

Died: Albinus, Bernard Siegfried son of the preceding

“Essais d'une nouvelle theorie du Mouvement des Fluides,” Alembert, John Le Rond D' an eminent French philosopher

“Index Medicamentorum simplicium triplex,” Alston, Charles an ingenious physician and botanist

“Lettres sur les homines cel bres dans les sciences,” Aquino De Chateau Lyon, Peter Louis son of the preceding

Died: Ashton, Charles one of the most learned critics of his age

“A particular account of the emperor of China’s gardens near Pekin, in a letter from father Attiret, a French missionary, now employed by that emperor to paint the apartments in those gardens, to his friend at Paris,” Attiret, John Denis a French Jesuit and painter

“Code penal,” Averdy, Clement Charles De L' a French statesman

“Les Amours de Tempe,” Auvergne, Antoine D' an eminent French musician and composer

“Essai sur la peinture, la sculpture, et Parchitecture,” Bachaumont, Louis Petit De a French miscellaneous writer

“Memoirs of British Ladies, who have been celebrated for their writings or skill in the learned languages, arts, and sciences,” Ballard, George an English antiquary and biographer

“An essay towards a rationale of the literal doctrine of Original Sin, &c.” Bate, James elder brother of the preceding

Born: Beauchamps, Joseph a member of the national Institute of France

“Cyclus, sive de anno magno solis, luna?, stellarum consideratio, ad incrementum doctrinse propheticre atque astronomies accommodata,” Bengel, John Albert a learned German divine

“Libri Manuscript! et irnpressi, collati curn Manuscriptis ex Bibliotheca Jo. Gul. de Berger,” Berger, John William brother to the preceding

“Farther thoughts on Tar Water,” Berkeley, George an eminent and learned prelate

Died: Bernard, John Frederic an industrious and learned bookseller of Amsterdam

Died: Berti, Alexander Pompey a learned Italian

Born: Bertin, Anthony a modern French poet of the Ovidian cast

“Memoires sur la Structure interieure de la Terre,” Bertrand, Elias an ingenious Swiss writer

“Discorso supra il vitto Pitagorico,” Bianchi, John an Italian naturalist

“Demonstratio historiae ecclesiasticse quadripartitae monumentis ad fidem temporum et gestorum,” Bianchini, Joseph nephew of the preceding

“Fabulosa de septem dormientibus historia,” Bidermann, John Theophilus a very learned and voluminous German writer

“DearteObliviscendi,” Bidermann, John Theophilus a very learned and voluminous German writer

“Progres des Allemands dans les belles-lettres,” Bielfeld, James Frederick Baron De was born at Hamburgh March 31

“Evangelium secundum Marcum ex versione Arabica, &c.” Bode, Christopher Augustus a learned professor of the university of Helmstadt

“Noachide,” Bodmer, John James a voluminous writer

“Observationum Anatomicarum fasciculus primus,” Boehmer, Justin Henning a very celebrated German lawyer

“Dissertationes sacrae,” Boerner, Christian Frederick professor of theology at Leipsic

“Commentaries of the Royal Society of Gottingen” Borda, John Charles a celebrated French mathematician and natural philosopher

Born: Boscawen, William an English miscellaneous writer

“Memoires pour servir a l'histoire des homines illustres de Provence,” Bougerel, Joseph a French biographer

“Treatise on Navigation and Pilotage,” Bouguer, Peter a celebrated French mathematician

“Histoire des Revolutions de Genes,” Brequigny, Lewis George, Oudard De Feudrix a learned member of the French academy

“Vies dfes anciens orateurs Grecs,” Brequigny, Lewis George, Oudard De Feudrix a learned member of the French academy

Born: Brown, John a Scotch artist

Born: Buat-Nancay, Louis Gabriel Du chevalier and count of Nanay

“Discourses on several subjects,” Bulkley, Charles a protestant dissenting minister

“De apostolica ecclesise Gallicanae origiue,” Bullet, John Baptist a learned French writer

“The Dialogue between a member of parliament and his servant,” Cambridge, Richard Owen an ingenious English writer

“A Vade Mecum: or companion for the unmarried ladies: wherein are laid down some examples whereby to direct them in the choice of husbands,” Campbell, John an eminent historical

“A particular but melancholy account of the great hardships, difficulties, and miseries, that those unhappy and much to be pitied creatures, the common women of the town, are plunged into at this juncture,” Campbell, John an eminent historical

“A full and particular description of the Highlands of Scotland,” Campbell, John an eminent historical

“The case of the publicans, both in town and country, laid open,” Campbell, John an eminent historical

“Theologie de Tecriture S. ou la Science da Salut, comprise dans une ample collection de passages du V. & N. Testament,” Chais, Charles an eminent protestant divine

“A Commentary on the book of lob, in which is inserted the Hebrew text, and English translation with a paraphrase from the third verse of the third chapter, where it is supposed the metre begins, to the seventh verse of the forty-second chapter, where it ends,” Chappelow, Leonard an eminent oriental scholar

Born: Chatterton, Thomas an English poet of singular genius and character

Died: Chicoyneau, Francis counsellor of state

“Oracle of St.,Foix” Cibber, Susanna Maria wife of the preceding

“A Vindication of the Histories of the Old and New Testament; in answer to the Objections of the late Lord Bolingbroke; in two letters to a young nobleman,” Clayton, Robert bishop of Clogher

Died: Coventry, Francis the eldest son of Thomas Coventry

“A treatise of Optics,” Courtivron, Gaspard Le Compassed De Crequi, Marquis De chevalier de Saint-Louis

“A Speech at the installation of the bishop of Durham,” Cowper, Spencer was the second son of the lord high chancellor Cowper

Died: Coypel, Charles Antony was admitted into the academy of painting in his twentieth year

Died: Cramer, Gabriel an eminent mathematician

Died: Croxall, Dr. Samuel was the son of Samuel Croxall

“Sermon on St. Paul’s Wish,” Dodwell, William was born at Shottesbrooke

Died: Duker, Charles Andrew an eminent classical editor

“Tacitus,” Ernesti, John Augustus was born at Tacnnstadt in Thuringia

Born: Filangieri, Gaetano a celebrated Italian political writer

“Critical, historical, and political miscellanies; remarks on various authors, Potter, Seeker, Sherlock, &c.” Flexman, Roger, D. D. a dissenting clergyman of considerable learning and industry

Died: Folard, Charles an eminent French officer and author

“Taste, a comedy,” Foote, Samuel esq. called the English Aristophanes

“L'art de Tonnelier,” Fougeroux De Bondaroy, Augustus Dennis a learned Frenchman

Died: Freind, John a learned English physician

“Oratorum ac Rhetorum Graecorum, quibus statuse honoris causa positse fuerunt, decas,” Freytag, Frederic Gotthilf an eminent literary historian

“Adparatus litterarius, ubi libri partim antiqui partim rari recensentur,” Freytag, Frederic Gotthilf an eminent literary historian

“De Musivis, vel pictoriae Mosaicse artis origine, progressu, &c.” Furietti, Joseph Alexander an Italian cardinal and antiquary

Died: Fuzelier, Lewis a native of Paris

“A Dissertation on the 20th proposition of the first book of Euclid,” Gabrini, Thomas Maria

Died: Geinoz, Francis member of the academy of inscriptions and belles lettres

“On the Virtues,” Gemistus, George an eminent Greek philosopher

“Recherches pour Fhistoire du Droit Francois,” Grosley, Peter John a French antiquary and polite writer

“Various critical Remarks on the Classics,” Gruner, John Frederick an eminent divine and critical scholar

“Sur les Refus des Sacremens,” Gueret, Gabriel an elegant French writer

“Moral Poems” Hagedorn, Frederic a celebrated German poet of the last century

“Bibliothecae.” Haller, Albert De one of the most eminent physicians and philosophers of the eighteenth century

“Notre sive Lectiones ad Tragicorum Graecorum veterum, JEschyli, &c.” Heath, Benjamin a lawyer of eminence of the last century

“De Oflicio mectici poema, dedicated to cardinal Quirini,” Heerkens, Gerard Nicholas a native of Groningen

“Select Decisions of the Court of Session,” Home, Henry usually called Lord Kames

Born: Homer, Henry an excellent classical scholar

“A Letter to the Author of a Further Inquiry,” Hurd, Richard an eminent and accomplished prelate

Born: Lamanon, Robert Paul a member of the academy of sciences at Paris

“Arithmetica universalis Jsaaci Newton, sive de compositione, et resolutione arithmetica perpetuis commentariis illustrata et aucta,” Lecchi, John Anthony a learned Italian mathe. matician

“The Memoirs of Harriot Stuart,” Lennox, Charlotte a lady long distinguished for her genius and literary merit

“Explication de plusieurs figures sur le mechanisme de la grossesse, et de Paccouchement,” Levret, Andrew an eminent French surgeon and accoucheur

Died: Lowman, Moses a learned dissenting clergyman

“Thoughts on the Doctrine of Scripture concerning Sin,” Michaelis, John David a celebrated biblical critic

“Memorial of E. W. Montague, esq. written by himself, in French, and published lately at Paris, against Abraham Payba, a Jew by birth, who assumed the fictitious name of James Roberts. Translated into English from an authentick copy sent from Paris,” Montague, Edward Wortley only son of the preceding lady Mary

“Histoire de la Maladie singuliere, et de Pexamen d'une femme devenue en peu de terns contrefaite par un ramollissement general des os,” Morand, John Francis Clement son of the preceding

“Nouvelle description des grottes d'Arcy,” Morand, John Francis Clement son of the preceding

“Remarks on some Conjectures, &c. shewing the improbability of the notion therein advanced, that the arguments produced in support of it are inconclusive or irrelative to the pointin question,” North, George an English antiquary

“Principles of Politic Law,” Nugent, Thomas a miscellaneous writer and translator of the last century

Died: Oudin, Francis a learned French Jesuit

“Philosophical Observations on the analogy between the Propagation of Animals and that of Vegetables,” Parsons, James an excellent physician and polite scholar

Died: Pearce, Zachary a learned English prelate

Died: Reboulet, Simon a native of Avignon

“Inquiry into the origin of our ideas of beauty and virtue.” Reid, Thomas a Scotch divine

Born: Ritson, Joseph a poetical critic and editor

“Life” Saxe, Maurice, Count Of a celebrated commander

Died: Stackhouse, Thomas a learned and laborious divine

Died: Terrasson, Gaspard brother of the two preceding

Died: Theodore Of Mopsuestia so called from his being bishop of Mopsuestia

“Continuation of Explanatory Notes on the Four Gospels,” Trapp, Joseph an English divine

“Librorum Botanicorum libri duo, quorum prior recentiores quosdam, posterior plerosque antiques ad annum 1550 usque excuses recenset,” Trew, Christopher James an eminent naturalist

“the eighth Isthmian of Pindar, in English,” Tyrwhitt, Thomas one of the most eminent scholars and critics of the last century

“Adventurer,” Warton, Joseph an elegant scholar (17221800)

“Essay on the virtues of Lime-water and Soap in the cure of the stone,” Whytt, Robert an eminent physician

“Vetasta Monumenta.” Willis, Browne an eminent antiquary

“Monita et praecepta medica,” Wintringham, Clifton an eminent physician

“Letters,” Zeno, Apostolo a learned poet