Events noted in 1759

The event pages are experimental; the OCR errors in the text mean this is incomplete and unreliable but I offer it in the hopes that it will be of some use. Events shown include births and deaths of people with their own entries, and also the publication dates of some of the works cited.

1758 1760


“Search of Truth,” Abbt, Thomas a German writer of high character

“Reflections on a plan of Study for young men of rank,” Abbt, Thomas a German writer of high character

Died: Adam, Nicholas-Sebastian brother of the preceding

“Timandre instruit par son genie,” Albert, Louis Joseph D' grandson of the constable de Luynes

“Elemens de Philosophic,” Alembert, John Le Rond D' an eminent French philosopher

“Pieces fugitives pour servir, &c.” Angouleme, Charles De Valois Duke D' the natural son of Charles IX. and Maria Touchet

“Semaine Litteraire,” Aquino De Chateau Lyon, Peter Louis son of the preceding

“Lettres interessantes pour les medicins de profession, utiles aux ecclesiastiques,” Ardene, John Paul De Rome D' brother of the preceding

“Pieces fugitives pour i'histoire de France,” Aubais, Charles De Baschi marquis of

“L'Ordene de chivalerie,” Barbazan, Stephen a French antiquary

“Dr. Newton’s edition of Milton,” Baskerville, John a celebrated printer

“Theses,” Bassius, Henry a surgeon and anatomist of considerable reputation

“L'Heureux citoyen,” Beurieu, Gaspard Guillard De a French miscellaneous writer

“Reflexions theologiques sur le premier vol.' des lettres de Pabbe de Villefroi a ses eleves, &c.” Besoigne, Jerome a doctor of the Sorbonne

“Institutions politiques,” Bielfeld, James Frederick Baron De was born at Hamburgh March 31

Died: Boulanger, Nicholas Anthony one of the earliest French infidels

Died: Bradbury, Thomas a facetious preacher among the dissenters

“Anthologia,” Burman, Peter called the second

Born: Burns, Robert an eminent modern poet of Scotland

“Plautus,” Capperonnier, John nephew of the preceding

Born: Carlyle, Rev. Joseph Dacre vicar of Newcastle-upon-Tyne

“Eloge de Fontenelle,” Cat, Claude Nicholas Le an eminent French physician and surgeon

“The Penman’s employment,” Champion, Joseph a celebrated English penman

“Sylloge nova Epistolarum,” Cuper, Gisbert a learned philologist

Died: Eller, John Theodore, De Brockhusen a physician of Prussia

“An Account of the Complaint and Cure of Marianne Pigalle,” Epee, Charles Michel De L' a very ingenious and benevolent French abbé

“Homer,” Ernesti, John Augustus was born at Tacnnstadt in Thuringia

“L'Europe vivante et mourante,” Estrees, Cæsar D' cardinal

“Description de l‘Angleterre, de l’Ecosse, et de Irelande,” Expilli, John Joseph a French writer

Died: Farquhar, George an ingenious comic writer

“The Prussian Tactics,” Fawcett, Sir William, K.B. a brave English officer

“Dissertationum Variarum,” Frisi, Paul a very eminent philosopher and mathematician

“I can, if I please, be honoured with the purple, but I know the court of Rome, and I do not wish to be called cardinal Centaur /” Furietti, Joseph Alexander an Italian cardinal and antiquary

Died: Garengeot, Rp.Ne Jamf.S Croissant De an eminent French surgeon

Died: Gaubil, Antony one of the French missionaries in China

“Philosophy of Rhetoric.” Gerard, Alexander an eminent divine of the church of Scotland

“An Essay on Taste,” Gerard, Alexander an eminent divine of the church of Scotland

Born: Godwin, Mary a lady of very extraordinary genius

“Present State of Polite Literature,” Goldsmith, Oliver an eminent poet and miscellaneous writer

“Sur le Droit qu'ont les Cures de commettre leur Vicaires, et les Confesseurs, dans leur Paroisses,” Gueret, Gabriel an elegant French writer

“Sermons,” Hervey, James an English divine of exemplary piety and virtue

“Life of colonel Gardiner.” Hunt, Thomas a learned Hebraist

“Miscellaneous Tracts.” Hyde, Edward earl of Clarendon

Died: Jackson, Joseph an ingenious letter-founder

Died: Juncker, Gottlob John a learned physician

“Cissides,” Kleist, Christian Ewald Von a German poet

“Carminum liber unus,” Klotz, Christian Adolphus an eminent German critic

“Dictionnaire portatif des Beaux Arts,” Lacombe, James a diligent French miscellaneous historian

Died: Langrish, Browne a physician of the last century

“De Hydrope,” Lawrence, Thomas an eminent physician

Died: Locker, John, Esq. F. S. A. son of Stephen Locker

“System of the Newtonian Philosophy,” Martin, Benjamin an eminent optician

“New Elements of Optics,” Martin, Benjamin an eminent optician

“Mathematical Institutions, viz. arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and fluxions,” Martin, Benjamin an eminent optician

“Natural History of England, with a map of each county,” Martin, Benjamin an eminent optician

“Philology and Philosophical Geography,” Martin, Benjamin an eminent optician

“Caractacus” Mason, William a distinguished poet and divine of the last century

Died: Maupertuis, Peter Louis Morceau De a celebrated French mathematician and philosopher

“An encouragement to a good life; particularly addressed to some soldiers quartered at Reading,” Merrick, James an English divine and poet

“Syntagma commentationum,” Michaelis, John David a celebrated biblical critic

“Critical Lectures on the principal Psalms which treat of Christ,” Michaelis, John David a celebrated biblical critic

“Trait 6 des prets de commerce,” Mignot, Stephen a learned French canonist

“Chemical Works, abridged and methodized,” Neumann, Caspar an eminent chemist

“Chronological abridgment of the Roman History,” Nugent, Thomas a miscellaneous writer and translator of the last century

Died: Parkhurst, John a late learned divine and lexicographer

Born: Pitt, William second son of the preceding

Born: Porson, Richard a late eminent Greek scholar and most accomplished critic

Died: Powell, William Samuel an English divine of good abilities

Born: Robespierre, Maximilian Isidore the most ferocious of those tyrants which the French revolution produced

“Twelve Sermons upon Solomon’s Song,” Romaine, William an English divine and writer of great popularity

Died: Rosel, John Augustus a painter and entomologist

Died: Roy, Julian David Le an architect and antiquary

“Origeniana” Rue, Charles De La was a Benedictine monk

“De variis cataractam extrahendi modis,” Sabatier, Raphael - Bienvenu a very eminent French surgeon

Born: Schiller, Frederic a German writer

“De recondita febrium intermittentium et reuiittentium natura,” Senac, John a distinguished French physician

Died: Tertre, Francis Joachim Duport Du a French writer of more industry than genius

“DePatriae Oratio,” Tiraboschi, Jerome one of the most valuable Italian writers of the last century

“High Life below Stairs,” Townley, James a learned master of Merchant Taylors’ school

“Inquiry, historical and critical, into the evidence against Mary queen of Scots, and an examination of the Histories of Dr. Robertson and Mr. Hume, with respect to that evidence,” Tytler, William an ingenious writer on historical and miscellaneous subjects

“Description abregee des maladies qui regnent communement dans les arme'es,” Van Swieten, Gerard one of the most celebrated physicians of the last century

“Sermons on various subjects,” Venn, Henry a pious divine of the church of England

“The Variance between real and nominal Christians considered, and the cause of it explained,” Venn, Henry a pious divine of the church of England

Died: Warburton, John a heraldic writer and antiquary

“Gentleman’s Diary” Wildbore, Charles an ingenious mathematician (1717–?)