Events noted in 1760

The event pages are experimental; the OCR errors in the text mean this is incomplete and unreliable but I offer it in the hopes that it will be of some use. Events shown include births and deaths of people with their own entries, and also the publication dates of some of the works cited.

1759 1761


“Oratio Harveiaua,” Akenside, Mark an English poet and physician

Died: Amy, N. an advocate in the parliament of Aix

Born: Anderson, George a young man of extraordinary talents

“Traite des Tulipes,” Ardene, John Paul De Rome D' brother of the preceding

“Journal Etranger,” Arnaud, Francis a French miscellaneous writer of considerable note

“Observations on Aneurism,” Arnaud De Ronsil, Georges a surgeon of some eminence in London

Died: Artaud, Peter Joseph born at Bonieux in the comtat-Venaissin

Died: Bakewell, Robert the most successful and celebrated experimental farmer ever known in England

“Le Castoiement, ou instructions d' une pere a son fils,” Barbazan, Stephen a French antiquary

“A Dictionary of the English and Italian languages; improved and augmented with above ten thousand words omitted in the last editio*n of Altieri. To which is added, an Italian and English grammar,” Baretti, Joseph was born at Turin about the year 1716

“Les Amours de' Carite et de Polydore,” Barthelemi, John James an eminent French writer

“Le Monde comme il est,” Bastide, John Francis De La a very industrious French writer

“Cours de belles-lettres,” Batteux, Charles professor of philosophy in the college royal

“Initia philosophise practicae primae,” Baumgarten, Alexander Theophilus a philosopher of the German school

Born: Beddoes, Thomas a gentleman of Welch extraction

“Riflessioni sopra gli effetti del moto a cavallo,” Benvenuti, Joseph an Italian surgeon

“Classes conchy liorum,” Bergen, Charles Augustus De a German anatomist and botanist

“Physique des cometes,” Bertier, Joseph Stephen of the oratory

“Definitiones plantarum Ludwigianas auctas et emendatas edidit G. R. Boehmer,” Boehmer, George Ralph an eminent professor of botany and anatomy in the university of Wittetnberg

“De sensibilitate et contractibilitate partium in corpore humano sano,” Bordeu, Francis brother to Theophilus

“The Royal Procession of queen Elizabeth, to visit her cousin german, Henry lord Hunsdon, governor of Berwick.” Boyle, John earl of Cork and Orrery

“Eulogium Medicum, sive Oratio Anniyersaria Harveiana habita in Theatris Collegii Regal is Me-? dicorum Londinensium, Die xviii Octobris,” Brocklesby, Richard an eminent English physician

“Du culte des dieux Fetiches, ou parallele de l'ancienne idolatrie avec celle des peuples de Nigritie,” Brosses, Charles De a French writer of great learning

“Traite des Monnoies Romanies, Grecques, et Hebr. compares avec les Monnoies de France, pour l'intelligencederEcriture Sainte, et de tous les auteurs Grecs, et Remains,” Brotier, Gabriel an eminent classical scholar and editor

“Claudian,” Burman, Peter called the second

“Demonstrationum Anatomico-Pathologicarum liber primus, continens brachii humani fabricam et morbos, in folio maximo, cum quatuor figuris,” Camper, Peter an eminent physician and surgeon

“The young Penman’s practice,” Champion, Joseph a celebrated English penman

Died: Chapman, Thomas the son of John Chapman

“Journal of a Voyage to North America,” Charlevoix, Peter Francis Xavier De a learned and industrious French Jesuit

“Conferences de la Mere Angelique, de St. Jean Arnaud de Port Royal,” Clemencet, Charles was born at Painblanc

Died: Collins, Arthur a laborious antiquary

“Odes to Oblivion and Obscurity.” Colman, George an eminent dramatic author and manager

“Merchants’ lecture” Conder, John a dissenting divine

“Essay on Artillery” Darcy, Patrick, Count of a noble and ancient family in Ireland

Died: Desmolets, Peter Nicolas librarian of the house of the oratory in the rue St

Born: Desmoustier, Charles Albert a French dramatic and miscellaneous writer

“Two Sermons on a particular Providence,” Dodwell, William was born at Shottesbrooke

“Sermon before the Sons of the Clergy,” Dodwell, William was born at Shottesbrooke

Died: Falkenstein, John Henry a voluminous compiler of historical documents

“Treatise on the clergy of St. John de Lateran,” Foggini, Peter Francis a learned Italian ecclesiastic

“The Minor,” Foote, Samuel esq. called the English Aristophanes

“The Minor,” Foote, Samuel esq. called the English Aristophanes

Died: Fothergill, George principal of St

“Memoires sur la formation de$ Os,” Fougeroux De Bondaroy, Augustus Dennis a learned Frenchman

“Histoire de la guerre des Cevennes, ou de la guerre des Camisards,” Gebelin, Anthony Court De an eminent French writer of the last century

“Cases in Law and Equity,” Gilbert, Sir Jeffray knt. lord chief baron of the exchequer

“Amphytrion, or the two Sosias,” Hawkesworth, John an elegant and ingenious English writer

Died: Hayes, Charles esq. a very singular person

“Your life, my lord, has been one continued series of services to your country.” Howe, Richard fourth viscount Howe

“Life of Erasmus,” Jortin, Dr. John a learned English divine

Died: Kennedy, John, M. D. a native of Scotland

“Christian Fortitude.” Kennicott, Benjamin a very learned divine

“Mores Eruditorum,” Klotz, Christian Adolphus an eminent German critic

“Genius Sxculi,” Klotz, Christian Adolphus an eminent German critic

“Philosophical Transactions” Landen, John an eminent mathematician

Died: Lebeuf, John a French historian and antiquary

“Life of Charles I.” Lessing, Gotthold Ephraim a distinguished German writer

“Library,” Lloyd, Robert a modern poet

“Definitiones Plantarum” Ludwig, Christian Theophilus a botanical writer

“Saturnalia” Macrobius, Ambrosius Aurelius Theodosius was an ancient Latin writer

Died: Margon, William Plantavit De La Pause, De a French author and journalist

Died: Mascrier, John Baptist De a French abbé

“Lommius’s Table of Diseases,” Mascrier, John Baptist De a French abbé

“Compendium Theologize dogmatics?,” Michaelis, John David a celebrated biblical critic

Died: Middleton, Conyers a celebrated English divine

“The History of P:ssex,” Morant, Philip a learned and indefatigable antiquary and biographer

“De Sedibus et Causis Morborum per Anatomiam indagatis, Libri quinque,” Morgagni, John Baptist an eminent pbysiciain and anatomist

“Introduction to Natural Philosophy,” Musschenbroeck, Peter De an eminent mathematician and natural philosopher

Died: Necker, Charles Frederick professor of civil law at Geneva

“A Defence of the Lord Bishop of London’s [Sherlock] Interpretation of the famous text in the book of Job, ‘ I know that my Redeemer liveth,’ against the Exceptions of the Bishop of Gloucester [Warburton], the Examiner of the Bishop of London’s Principles; with occasional Remarks on the argument of the Divine Legation, so far as this point is concerned with it,” Parry, Richard rector of Wichampton in Dorsetshire

“Memoirs,” Pilkington, Letitia an English wit and poetess

“A Memoir relating to the Discoveries made in the South Sea, during the Voyages of the English and French round the World.” Pingke, Alexander Guy a French mathematician and astronomer

“Observations on the Nature and Consequences of Wounds and Contusions of the Head, Fractures of the Skull, Concussions of the Brain,” Pott, Percival an English surgeon of the highest eminence (17131788)

Born: Raine, Matthew an eminent scholar and teacher

Died: Ray, Benjamin an ingenious and worthy man

“Twelve Discourses upon the Law and Gospel,” Romaine, William an English divine and writer of great popularity

“Les Fe>es de l‘Amour et de l’Hymen,” St. Lambert, Charles Francis De formerly a member of the French academy

“Observations on the Skin of Leaves” Saussure, Horace Benedict De an eminent naturalist

Born: Schnebbelie, Jacob was son of a native of Zurich

“Harmonics, or the philosophy of Musical Sounds,” Smith, Robert the very learned successor of Bentley as master of Trinity college

“Tristram Shandy,” Sterne, Laurence said to be great-grandson of the preceding

“De dysenteria tentamen medicum,” Strack, Charles a very skilful German physician and writer

Died: Tanner, Thomas an excellent antiquary

“An Examination of Dr. Hutcheson’s Scheme of Morality.” Taylor, John a learned dissenting teacher

Died: Trumbull, William an estimable and upright statesman

“The Law of Nations; or, principles of the Law of Nature: applied to the conduct and affairs of nations and sovereigns,” Vattel, Emer De, an eminent publicist

“Description of the city of Amsterdam,” Wagenaar, John a Dutch historian

“Plan of Discipline composed for the use of the militia of the county of Norfolk,” Windham, William a late distinguished statesman

Died: Winslow, James Benignus a skilful anatomist who settled in France

Died: Zinzendorf, Nicholas Lewis count de