Beregani, Nicholas, Count

, an Italian author of the seventeenth century, was born at Vincenza, Feb. 21 1627. When only nineteen years old, he was honoured by the king of France, Louis III. with the ribbon of St. Michael and the title of chevalier. In 1649, his family were promoted to the rank of nobility at Venice. In that | republic he distinguished himself at the bar, especially when he returned to Venice, which he had been obliged to leave for a time in consequence of some indiscretion. At his leisure hours he cultivated polite literature, and particularly poetry and history. His poems are not without ease and elegance, although in other respects they partake largely of the vicious and affected style of his age. He died at Venice, Dec. 17, 1713, and preserved to the last his love of study. Besides five dramatic pieces, all set to music, he wrote 1. “Istoria delle guerre d‘Europa delle comparsa delle armi Ottomane nell’ Ungheria l’anno 1683,Venice, 2 vols. 4to. These two parts were to have been followed by four others, two of which were put to press in 1700, but it does not appear that they were ever published. 2. “Composizioni poeticheconsistenti inrimesacre,eroiche, morali ed amorose,Venice, 1702, 12mo. 3. “Opere de Claudio Claudiano tradotte ed arrichite di erudite annotazioni,Venice, 1716, 2 vols. 8vo. This translation is in high esteem, and the notes, although not so erudite as the title expresses, are yet useful. 1

1 Biog, Uwiverselle.