Eobanus, Hessus

, a celebrated Latin poet of Hesse, tras born January 6, 1488, under a tree in the fields, and therefore probably of very obscure parents. He became, however, so famous by his poems, as to be called the German Homer. He taught the belles lettres at Herfort and Nuremberg, then at Marpurg, where the landgrave of Hesse loaded him with favours. Eobanus was given to his country vice of excessive drinking, in which he prided himself. He died October 5, 1540, at Marpurg. He translated Theocritus into Latin verse, Basil, 1531, 8vo, and Homer’s Iliad, Basil, 1540, 8vo, &c. His “Eclogues,” Haloe, 1539, 8vo, and “De tuenda bona Valetudine,” Erancforr, 1564, 8vo, are particularly admired. His style is natural, easy, clear, and correct; nor had’ Germany, at that time, produced much that was superior. His life was written by Joachim Camerarius, Nuremb. 1553, 8vo. 2


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