Events noted in 1754

The event pages are experimental; the OCR errors in the text mean this is incomplete and unreliable but I offer it in the hopes that it will be of some use. Events shown include births and deaths of people with their own entries, and also the publication dates of some of the works cited.

1753 1755


“Annales Moslemici, Arab, et Lat. a Jo. Jac. Reiskio,” Abulfeda, Ishmael a learned Arabian geographer and historian

“Recherches sur differens Points importans du Systeme du Monde,” Alembert, John Le Rond D' an eminent French philosopher

Died: Allen, Anthony an English lawyer and antiquary

“Almanach de Rheims,” Anquetil, Lewis-Peter a French historian

Died: Anstey, Christopher an ingenious poet of the eighteenth century

Died: Anstis, John esq. LL.D. and F.A.S. eldest son and heir of the preceding

Died: Argellati, Francis son of the preceding

“Lettre sur la Musique, au Comte de Caylus,” Arnaud, Francis a French miscellaneous writer of considerable note

“Panegyric on S. Louis,” Artaud, Peter Joseph born at Bonieux in the comtat-Venaissin

“Phenomena ccelestia observata,” Audiffredi, John Baptist an able astronomer and mathematician

Died: Bach, John Sebastian an eminent German musician

“Maximes sur le devoir des Hois, et le bon usage de leur authorité,” Barral, Abbe Peter born at Grenoble

“An Inquiry into the original Similitudes, &c. in the Old and New Testament,” Bate, Julius an English divine of the Hutchinsonian principles

Died: Bazin, N. a physician at Strasburgh

“Le Pyrrhonisme du sage,” Beausobre, Lewis perhaps of the same family with the preceding

“Acta eruditorum” Bel, Matthias born at Otsova in Hungary

“L'Adoration Chretienne, dans la devotion du rosaire,” Bellet, Charles member of the academy of Montanban

Died: Benson, William an English critic

“De Lumine dissertatio physica,” Benvenuti, Charles an Italian Jesuit

“Dissertatio historico-epistolaris, &c.” Benvenuti, Joseph an Italian surgeon

Died: Berryat, John physician in ordinary to the king

“Traite d'Osteologie,” Bertin, Exuperius Joseph an eminent French anatomist

“Essais sur les usages des montagnes, avec un lettre sur la Nil,” Bertrand, Elias an ingenious Swiss writer

“Opuscula varia,” Bianchini, Francis a very learned Italian astronomer and philosopher

“Prose Fiorentine,” Bianchini, Joseph Maria an Italian scholar of the last century

Died: Boffrand, Germain a celebrated French architect

Died: Boulter, Hugh archbishop of Armagh

“Letters from Italy,” Boyle, John earl of Cork and Orrery

“History or police of the kingdom of Gala,” Brancas Villeneuve, Andrew Francis abbe d'Aulnay

“Betrayer of his Country,” Brooke, Henry an amiable and ingenious writer

“Conclusiones ex universa Theologia,” Brotier, Gabriel an eminent classical scholar and editor

“Memoirs on the Celtic tongue,” Bullet, John Baptist a learned French writer

“The Dignity of Human Nature; or, a brief account of the certain and established means for attaining the true end of our existence.” Burgh, James a moral and political writer

“Life of Grotius,” Burigny, Levesque De was born at Rheims in 1691

“Geography,” Busching, Anthony Frederic an eminent geographer

“Intruder,” Cambridge, Richard Owen an ingenious English writer

“Occasional thoughts on moral, serious, and religious subjects,” Campbell, John an eminent historical

“Csesaris Opera,” Capperonnier, John nephew of the preceding

Died: Cases, Peter James a painter

Died: Cave, Edward a printer to whom the literary world owes great obligations

“La Logique, la Morale, et la Metaphysique,” Chambre, Francis Illharrart De Là an ingenious doctor of the Sorbonne

“The Astronomical Tables of Dr. Halley; with observations and additions,” Chappe D'Auteroche, John an eminent French astronomer

“Tables of the Moon,” Clairault, Alexis Claude a celebrated French mathematician and academician

“Grsecorum Chirurgici Libri; Sorani unus de Fracturarum signis, Oribasii duo de Fractis, et Luxatis, ex Collectione Nicetse, Florent.” Cocchi, Anthony of Florence

Died: Cochin, Charles Nicholas a famous French engraver

Died: Collins, William an unfortunate but excellent English poet

“Treatise on revealed Religion, against atheists, deists, materialists, and indifte rents,” Concina, Daniel a very celebrated Dominican divine

“Imperium Orientale,” Constantine Vii., Porphyrogeneta son of Leo the Wise

“Memoir on Hydraulic Machines,” Darcy, Patrick, Count of a noble and ancient family in Ireland

Died: Demoivre, Abraham a celebrated mathematician

Died: Destouches, Philip Neuicault an eminent French dramatic writer

Died: Dewit, James a painter of history and portrait

“Public Virtue,” Dodsley, Robert an English poet and miscellaneous writer

“Two Sermons on Superstition,” Dodwell, William was born at Shottesbrooke

“Bibliotheque historique & politique du Poitou,” Dreux Du Radier, John Francis advocate

“A Tour through Normandy, described in a letter to a friend,” Ducarel, Andrew Coltee an eminent English civilian and antiquary

“Some account of the Town, Church, and Archiepiscopal Palace of Croydon, in the county of Surrey, from its foundation to 1783,” Ducarel, Andrew Coltee an eminent English civilian and antiquary

“Feminead,” Duncombe, John was born 1730

“A careful and strict inquiry into the modern prevailing notion of that Freedom of Will, which is supposed to be essential to moral agency,” Edwards, Jonathan president of the college of New Jersey

“The principles of Mechanics,” Emerson, William a very eminent mathematician

Born: Farington, George an English artist of great promise

“The plan of divine worship in the churches of Dissenters justified,” Flexman, Roger, D. D. a dissenting clergyman of considerable learning and industry

“The Knights,” Foote, Samuel esq. called the English Aristophanes

Born: Forster, George son of the preceding

“Dubia de Minnisari, aliorumque Armenias regum numis et Arsacidarum epocha nuper vulgatis proposita,” Froelich, Erasmus a learned medallist

“Diplomatorium Garstensium emendatum, auctum, et illustratum,” Froelich, Erasmus a learned medallist

“Casulse S. Stephani, regis Hungariae, vera imago et expositio,” Froelich, Erasmus a learned medallist

“A Dissertation against pronouncing the Greek language according to Accents,” Gally, Henry an English divine

“Twenty-one discourses, or dissertations, upon the Augsburg Confession, which is also the Brethren’s Confession of Faith; delivered by the ordinary of the Brethren’s churches before the seminary. To which is prefixed a synodical writing relating to the subject. Translated from fche High Dutch, by F. Okeley, A. B.” Gambold, John a pious bishop among the Moravian brethren

Died: Gibbs, James an eminent architect

“An Examination of the Letters said to be written by Mary to James earl of Both well,” Goodal, Walter a Scotch antiquary

Born: Gregory, George a divine and miscellanebus writer

“The Friends, a sentimental history,” Guthrie, William a miscellaneous writer and compiler

Died: Hamilton, William of Bangour

Died: Hamilton, William Gerard a statesman of some note

“Religio Philosophi; or, the principles of morality and Christianity, illustrated from a view of che universe, and of man’s situation in it.” Hay, William esq. an agreeable English writer

“Enquire I pray thee,' &c.” Hearne, Thomas an eminent English antiquary

“Miscellanies in prose and verse,” Hiffernan, Paul a minor author of the last century

“Thoughts on the estimation of the animal powers, with strictures on the proofs advanced by Leibnitz and other mathematicians on this point,” Kant, Immanuel a German writer

“The Dreamer,” King, Dr. William son of the rev

Born: Kirwan, Walter Blake a celebrated Irish preacher

“Philosophical Transactions” Landen, John an eminent mathematician

Died: Lort, Michael a learned and amiable clergyman

“The Shortness of Life,” Lynar, Rochus Frederic Count a Danish statesman and scholar

“The Epistles,” Lynar, Rochus Frederic Count a Danish statesman and scholar

“Panegyric of the Newtonian Philosophy,” Martin, Benjamin an eminent optician

“History of the Gauls, &c. from their origin to the foundation of the French monarchy,” Martin, James a learned Benedictine of the congregation of St

Died: Mason, William a distinguished poet and divine of the last century

Died: Mead, Richard a most distinguished physician

“La Verite de l'Histoire de PEglise de St. Omer,” Mignot, Stephen a learned French canonist

Died: Milton, John the most illustrious of English poets

Died: Montgeron, Lewis Basil Carre' De born in 1686

“Recueil pour servir d'eclaircissement, &c.” Morand, John Francis Clement son of the preceding

“Dissertations on the Prophecies, which have remarkably been fulfilled, and are at this time fulfilling in the world,” Newton, Thomas an eminent English prelate

Died: Nivelle De La Chaussee, Peter Claude a French academician and dramatic writer

“Twenty-one Discourses, or Dissertations, upon the Augsburgh Confession, which is also the Brethren’s Confession of Faith, delivered by the ordinary of the Brethren’s Churches before the seminary,” Okely, Francis a learned

“Analysis of the Game of Chess.” Philidor, Andrew an eminent musician and chess-player

Died: Piazzetta, John Baptist a modern artist

“State of the Heavens” Pingke, Alexander Guy a French mathematician and astronomer

“Greek Anthology,” Reiske, John James an extraordinary scholar

Born: Roland, Marie-Jeanne Philepon wife of one of the republican ministers of France

“Eliza,” Rolt, Richard an English historical and miscella* neous writer

“Institutes of Natural Law,” Rutherforth, Thomas an ingenious philosopher and divine

“Entomologia Carniolica.” Scopoli, John Anthony an eminent naturalist

Died: Secousse, Denis Francis a French historian

Died: Shuckford, Samuel a learned divine of the last century

“The duty of the living to the memory of the dead,” Smith, Joseph younger brother of the preceding Dr

Died: Tancred, Christopher a gentleman who deserves to be recorded among the benefactors to literature

“The Scripture Doctrine of Atonement.” Taylor, John a learned dissenting teacher

Died: Tollet, Elizabeth an ingenious English poetess

“Plantae selectas qnarum imagines ad exemplaria naturalia Londini in hortis curiosorum nutrita, manu artificiosa pinxit Georgius Dionysius Ehret, &c.” Trew, Christopher James an eminent naturalist

“A View of Lord Bolingbroke’s Philosophy, in two Letters to a Friend,” Warburton, William an English prelate of great abilities and eminence

“An illustration of the Book of Common Prayer and Administration of the Sacraments, and other rites and ceremonies of the Church of England,” Warner, Ferdinando a very voluminous writer

“Cases in Surgery,” Warner, Joseph an eminent surgeon

Died: Wetstein, John James a very learned divine of Germany

Died: Wolfe, Christian baron of the Roman empire