Events noted in 1790

The event pages are experimental; the OCR errors in the text mean this is incomplete and unreliable but I offer it in the hopes that it will be of some use. Events shown include births and deaths of people with their own entries, and also the publication dates of some of the works cited.

1789 1791


Publication: “Africa, Arab, cum notis; excudi curavit I. G. Kickhorn,” by Abulfeda, Ishmael historian

Publication: “Historia regum Islamiticorum in Abyssinia,” by Abulfeda, Ishmael historian

Publication: “An essay on a Non-descript, or newlyinvented Disease,” by Adair, James Makittrick physician

Publication: “Anecdotes of the Life, Adventures, and Vindication of a Medical Character, metaphorically defunct, by Benjamin Goosequill and Peter Paragraph,” by Adair, James Makittrick physician

Publication: “Papers drawn up by him and sir John Sinclair, in reference to a report of a committee of the Highland Society on Shetland Wool,” by Anderson, James writer

Died: Ansart, Andrew Joseph historian

Publication: “Historia della Vida di M. T. Ciceroni,” by Azara, Don Joseph Nicolas D' statesman

Died: Basedow, John Bernard an author of some merit on the subject of education

Publication: “Memoires historiques et politiques sur la Revolution de France,” by Basseville, N. I. Hugon De a Frenchman

Publication: “L'Eleve de la Nature,” by Beurieu, Gaspard Guillard De writer

Died: Bergier, Nicolas Sylvester writer

Publication: “Observations surle Divorce,” by Bergier, Nicolas Sylvester writer

Died: Bernard, John Stephen physician

Died: Blum, Joachim Christian poet

Died: Boehm, Andrew privy- counsellor of the landgrave of Hesse

Died: Browne, Patrick naturalist

Publication: “A Letter to the Patentee, concerning the medical properties of Fleecy Hosiery,” by Buchan, William writer

Publication: “Observations sur les Hopitaux,” by Cabanis, Peter John George physician

Died: Cochin, Charles Nicholas was born at Paris in 1715

Publication: “A Letter to a Friend on the Test Act,” by Dalrymple, Alexander an eminent hydrographer

Publication: “The Spanish Pretensions fairly discussed,” by Dalrymple, Alexander an eminent hydrographer

Publication: “The Spanish Memorial of 4th June considered,” by Dalrymple, Alexander an eminent hydrographer

Publication: “Plan for the publication of a Repertory of Oriental Information,” by Dalrymple, Alexander an eminent hydrographer

Publication: “Reponse aux Memoires de M. de Montalembert, sur la fortification dite perpendiculaire,” by Darci

Publication: “Lettres a Emilie sur la Mythologie,” by Desmoustier, Charles Albert writer

Publication: “Le Siege de Cythere,” by Desmoustier, Charles Albert writer

Publication: “Journal de Physique,” by Dolomieu, Deodati-Guy-Silvain-Tancred Gratet De a very able mineralogist

Publication: “The History and Antiquities of the parish of Lambeth, in the county of Surrey; including biographical anecdotes of several eminent persons; compiled from original records, and other authentic sources of information.” by Ducarel, Andrew Coltee antiquary

Died: Epee, Charles Michel De L' a very ingenious and benevolent French abbé

Publication: “Sketches of Church History,” by Erskine, John divine

Died: Evans, Evan divine and poet

Publication: “Decouvertes des Francois en 1768 et 1769, dans le sud-est de la Nouvelle-Guine,” by Fleurieu, Charles Peter Clarel De zm evninmt French hydrographer

Died: Galvani, Lewis from whose name the appellation of Galvanism was given to a supposed new principle in nature

Publication: “Review of Dr. Hay’s sermon, entitled, t Thoughts on the Athanasian Creed,' preached April 12, 1790, at the visitation of the archdeacon of Bucks,” by Garnham, Rev. Robert Edward divine

Publication: “A Letter to the right rev. the archbishops and bishops of England; pointing out the only sure means of preserving the church from the dangers that now threaten her. By an Upper Graduate,” by Geddes, Alexander divine

Publication: “Epistola macaronica ad fratrem, de iis quo; gesta stint in nupero Dissentientium conventu,” by Geddes, Alexander divine

Publication: “Carmen seculare pro Gallica gente tyrannicli aristocraticae erepta,” by Geddes, Alexander divine

Died: Gesner, John a canon of Zurich

Publication: “Supplement au Contrat Social,” by Gudin, De La Brenellerie, Paul Philip writer

Died: Guibert, James Antony Hypolitus writer

Publication: “Pliny, ex editione Cortii et Longolii,” by Homer, Henry scholar

Publication: “Caesar, ex edit. Oudendorp,” by Homer, Henry scholar

Publication: “Travels.” by Ireland, Samuel mentioned in the preceding article

Publication: “A. F. Kollarii ad Lambecii commentariorum libros octo, Supplementum liber primus posthumus,” by Lambecius, Peter writer

Publication: “A Short Commentary on the Lord’s Prayer; in which an allusion to the principal circumstances of our Lord’s temptation is attempted to be shewn;” by Lort, Michael clergyman

Publication: “Letters on Education,” by Macaulay, Catherine the name of her second husband

Publication: “Observations on the Reflections of the Right Hon. Edmund Burke, oo the Revolution in France, in a letter to the Right Hon. the Earl of Stanhope,” by Macaulay, Catherine the name of her second husband

Died: Madan, Martin preacher

Died: Magalhaens, John Hyacinth De said to be a lineal descendant

Publication: “Memoirs,” by Maurepas, John Frederic Phelypeaux, Count Of grandson of the count de Pontchartrain

Died: Mignot, Stephen a learned French canonist

Died: Phillips, Thomas divine

Died: Pine, John engraver

Died: Pompei, Jerome poet

Publication: “Sketches of the progress of Botany,” by Pulteney, Richard botanist

Publication: “Amusement, a poetical essay,” by Pye, Henry James poet

Publication: “Concio ad Clerum in Synodo Provinciali Cantuariensis Provincial ad D. Pauli,” by Randolph, John bishop (?–1813)

Died: Reed, Joseph writer

Publication: “The Tempest,” by Romney, George artist

Publication: “Emendationes in Suidam,” by Suidas author of a celebrated Greek Lexicon

Publication: “Nuovo Giornale de‘ Letterati d’ Italia,” by Tiraboschi, Jerome one of the most valuable Italian writers of the last century

Publication: “Considerations on the Expediency of revising the Liturgy and Articles of the Church of England,” by Watson, Richard prelate

Publication: “A Defence of Frederic the Great against the count de Mirabeau” by Zimmermann, John George physician