Events noted in 1803

The event pages are experimental; the OCR errors in the text mean this is incomplete and unreliable but I offer it in the hopes that it will be of some use. Events shown include births and deaths of people with their own entries, and also the publication dates of some of the works cited.

1802 1804


Died: Adams, John late president of the United States of America

Died: Alfieri, Victor an eminent Italian poet of the last century

Died: Amner, Richard a dissenting divine

“A description of a Patent Hot-house, which operates chiefly by the heat of the sun; and other subjects,” Anderson, James LL. D. an eminent agricultural writer

“Melanges de litterature,” Arnaud, Francis a French miscellaneous writer of considerable note

Died: Bentham, Edward canon of Christ-church

“Cours de geographic historique, ancienne et moderne de feu Ostervald,” Berenger, John Peter a French miscellaneous writer

Died: Boehmer, George Ralph an eminent professor of botany and anatomy in the university of Wittetnberg

Died: Brunck, Richard Francis Frederick a celebrated Greek scholar and critic

“Des rapports du physique et du morale de Pnomme,” Cabanis, Peter John George a French physician of considerable eminence

“Coup d'ceil sur les revolutions et la reforme de la medicine,” Cabanis, Peter John George a French physician of considerable eminence

Died: Caraccioli, Lewis Anthony

Died: Chambers, Sir Robert for several years chief justice of the supreme court of judicature in Bengal

“Treatise on Perspective,” Edwards, Edward the late teacher of perspective in the royal academy

“Anecdotes of Painters,” Edwards, George an eminent English naturalist

Died: Erskine, John an eminent divine of the church of Scotland

Died: Gaucher, Charles Stephen a French engraver and man of letters

“The History of Fleshy, in Essex,” Gough, Richard the Camden of the eighteenth century

“German Tour,” Guibert, James Antony Hypolitus a French writer on military affairs

“Analyse des opinions diverses sur l'origine de Plmprimerie,” Guttenberg, John called also Gænsfleisch de Sulgeloch

Died: Harpe, John Francis De La one of the ablest French writers of the last century

Died: Hasted, Edward the historian of Kent

Died: Hervey, Frederick brother to the preceding

Died: Hoole, John a dramatic poet and translator

Died: Jephson, Robert the author of some dramas and poems of considerable merit

Died: Klopstock, Frederic Theophilus a German poet of the greatest renown

“An Inquiry into the System of Military Defence of Great Britain,” Macdiarmid, John an ingenious young writer

“Annalesde I'lmpriuierie des Aides ou Histoire des trois Manuce,” Manutius, Paul the son of the preceding (?–1574)

Died: Millar, John professor of law in the university of Glasgow

“The Works of the right hon. lady M. W. M. including her correspondence, poems, and essays, published by permission (of the Earl of Bute) from her genuine papers,” Montagu, Lady Mary Wortley an English lady of distinguished talent

“Anecdotes” Pegge, Samuel son of the preceding

“John and Dame or, The Loyal Cottagers,” Pratt, Samuel Jackson a poet and miscellaneous writer (17491814)

Died: Ricard, Dominic a learned French writer

“Descriptions and figures of two hundred Fishes collected on the coast of Coromandel,” Russel, Alexander physician to the English factory at Aleppo

“Six more Letters, &c. by Gregory Blunt, esq.” Sharp, Granville eminent as a Christian

Died: Swinburne, Henry a learned traveller

Died: Throsby, John a topographical writer

Died: Tiedemann, Dieterich a modern German philosopher of considerable eminence

Died: Topham, John a learned antiquary

“Britannicus to Bonaparte, an heroic epistle, with notes,” Tresham, Henry an excellent artist of the English school

Died: Van Swieten, Gerard one of the most celebrated physicians of the last century

“Cnarge to the Clergy of Landaff.” Watson, Richard a late eminent and learned prelate