Events noted in 1781

The event pages are experimental; the OCR errors in the text mean this is incomplete and unreliable but I offer it in the hopes that it will be of some use. Events shown include births and deaths of people with their own entries, and also the publication dates of some of the works cited.

1780 1782


“The Life of J. Conr. Dippel,” Ackermann, John Christian Gottlieb physician

Died: Anderson, Adam a native of Scotland

“Memoires pour servir a l'histoire de la revolution opere dans la Musique par le chevalier Gluck,” Arnaud, Francis writer

Died: Aubry, John Francis physician

Died: Bacon, Phanuel rector of Balden in Oxfordshire

Born: Beccaria, John Baptist a monk of the EcolesPies

Died: Bergius, John Henry Louis writer

“Lettres Astronomiques,” Bernoulli, John the grandson of the preceding John

“Moyen de determiner ie moment ou le vin en fermentation a acquis toute sa force,” Bertholon, De St. Lazare philosopher

“De l'electricité du corps humain en etat de sauté et de maladie,” Bertholon, De St. Lazare philosopher

Died: Blanchet, Francis a French abbé of considerable talents and amiable character

“Natural history of Fishes, particularly those of the Prussian states,” Bloch, Mark Eliezer naturalist

“Lettres sur la Suisse,” Borde, John Benjamin De La writer

Died: Brett, Sir Piercy, Knt admiral of the blue

“Aristophanis Comœdiæ in Latinum Sermonem conversæ,” Brunck, Richard Francis Frederick critic

Died: Capell, Edward a gentleman well known by his indefatigable attention to the works of Shakspeare

“A Treatise on the nature and properties of Air, and other permanently elastic fluids, with an Introduction to Chemistry,” Cavallo, Tiberius philosopher

Died: De La Cour, James writer

“Tracts on Inoculation,” Dimsdale, Thomas, Baron a celebrated inoculator for the small pox

“Considerations on the plan, &c.” Dimsdale, Thomas, Baron a celebrated inoculator for the small pox

Died: Downman, Hugh physician

“Editha,” Downman, Hugh physician

Died: Ellys Bart.

“The History of Epidemics; by Hippocrates, in seven books, translated into English from the Greek, with notes and observations, and a preliminary dissertation on the nature and cause of infection,” Farr, Samuel physician

“Course of Mechanics,” Frisi, Paul mathematician

Died: Fuessli, John Gaspard artist

“Thoughts on the nature of the grand Apostacy, with reflections and observations on the Fifteenth Chapter of Mr. Gibbon’s History. By Henry Taylor, rector of Crawley, and vicar of Portsmouth in Hampshire, author of Ben Mordecai’s Apology for embracing Christianity,” Gibbon, Edward historian

“Contes devots, Fables et Romans anciens, pour servir de suite aux Fabliaux,” Grand, John Baptist Le was born at Amiens

“Supplement a, la maniere d‘ecrire l’histoire,” Gudin, De La Brenellerie, Paul Philip writer

“Philological Inquiries,” Harris, James esq. an English gentleman of very uncommon parts and learning

Died: Hawke, Edward, Lord Hawke an eminent naval officer

Died: Hommel, Charles Frederick lawyer

“American rebellion,” Hurd, Richard prelate

“The History of John Juniper, esq. alias Juniper Jack,” Johnston, Charles author of <c Chrysal

“Sentimental Journey” Keate, George writer

“Rhenus,” Lassala, Manuel a Spanish Ex-jesuit

“Lokman’s Fables,” Lassala, Manuel a Spanish Ex-jesuit

Died: Le Blanc, John Bernard Le historiographer of buildings of the academy della Crusca

Died: Lessing, Gotthold Ephraim writer

“A Dissertation on the Education of the Human Race.” Lessing, Gotthold Ephraim writer

“Translations and Paraphrases” Logan, John divine

“Fcagmens d'un poeme moral sur Dieu, ou, Nouvelle Lucrece,” Marechal, Peter Sylvanus writer

“Observations upon the conduct of sir William Howe at the White Plains,” Mauduit, Israel a person of some celebrity in his time

Died: Maurepas, John Frederic Phelypeaux, Count Of grandson of the count de Pontchartrain

“Glossarium Germanicum medii aevi, potissimum dialecti Suevicae,” Oberlin, Jeremiah James scholar

“The divine visions of John Englebrecht,” Okely, Francis a learned

“A faithful Narrative of God’s gracious dealings with Kiel,” Okely, Francis a learned

“A Display of God’s Wonders, done upon the person, &c. of John Englebrecht,” Okely, Francis a learned

“The indispensable necessity of Faith, in order to the pleasing God being the^ substance of a discourse preached at Eydon in Northamptonshire,” Okely, Francis a learned

Died: St. Palaye, John Baptist De La Curne De writer

“Sermons,” Spence, Joseph divine

“Select Collection of Miscellany Poems,” Templeman, Peter the son of an eminent attorney at Dorchester in the county of Dorset

“Gentle Shepherd,” Tickell, Richard writer

Died: Tronchin, Theodore physician

Died: Turgot, Anne-Robert-James a French minister of state

“Remarks on Mr. Lake’s sermon on Baptism,” Turner, Daniel a dissenting minister of the baptist persuasion