Events noted in 1780

The event pages are experimental; the OCR errors in the text mean this is incomplete and unreliable but I offer it in the hopes that it will be of some use. Events shown include births and deaths of people with their own entries, and also the publication dates of some of the works cited.

1779 1781


“Les quatre chapitres, de la Raison, de l‘Amour de soi, de l’Amour du prochain, de la Vertu,” Adam, Nicolas a French grammarian

“Physiognomonire veteres, Gr. Lat. cura J. G. Franzii,” Adamantius physician

“Esprit de St. Vincent de Paul,” Ansart, Andrew Joseph historian

“An account kept during thirteen months in the Royal Observatory at Greenwich, of the going of a Pocket Chronometer, made on a new construction by John Arnold, having his new-invented balance spring, and a compensation for the effects of heat and cold in the balance. Published by permission of the Board of Longitude,” Arnold, John a very ingenious mechanic of London

“Opere di Antonio-Raffaele Mengs,” Azara, Don Joseph Nicolas D' statesman

“Theses GrifcciE et Latince selectse,” Baker, William a learned printer

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“The Messiah, being the prophecies concerning him methodized, with their accomplishment,” Barker, Thomas esq. the descendant of an ancient and respectable family at Lyndon in Rutlandshire

“The nature and circumstances of the Demoniacs in the Gospel,” Barker, Thomas esq. the descendant of an ancient and respectable family at Lyndon in Rutlandshire

Died: Batteux, Charles professor of philosophy in the college royal

“Collectioii of Royal and Noble Wills,” Beaufort, Margaret the foundress of Christ’s and St

“Histoire de Paris, avec la description de ses plus beaux monumens,” Beguillet, Edmund an advocate of the parliament of Dijon

“Traite historique et dogmatique de la vraie Religion, &c.” Bergier, Nicolas Sylvester writer

“History of the house and principality of Anhalt,” Bertram, Philip-Ernest professor of law at Halle

Died: Biancolini, John Baptist Joseph was born at Verona

“Reports,” Blackstone, Sir William knight

“Essais sur la Musique ancienne et moderne,” Borde, John Benjamin De La writer

“Memoire du Levant” Brotier, Gabriel scholar

“Euripidis Tragediae quatuor, Hecuba, Phcenissa?, Hyppolytus et Bacchae,” Brunck, Richard Francis Frederick critic

“Apollonii Rhodii Argonautica,” Brunck, Richard Francis Frederick critic

“Propertius,” Burman, Peter called the second

“Le Genie d'Architecture,” Camus, Antony Le physician

“An Essay on the theory and practice of Medical Electricity,” Cavallo, Tiberius philosopher

“Nosologiae methodicse rudimenta,” Cirillo, Dominick nephew to Nicolas Cirillo

Died: Clive, Catherine an actress of great merit

“State of the East India Company, and Sketch of an equitable Agreement,” Dalrymple, Alexander an eminent hydrographer

“Maladies Chirurgicales et des Operations qui leur conviennent,” Desault, Peter Joseph principal surgeon to the Hotel-Diet

Died: Dilworth, Thomas a diligent schoolmaster

Died: Dreux Du Radier, John Francis advocate

“A Complete Body of Heraldry,” Edmondson, Joseph Mowbray herald extraordinary

Died: Fawcett, Benjamin a dissenting minister

“Copies of Opinions ascribed to eminent counsel on the will which was the subject of the case of Perrin v. Blake, before the court of king’s bench, 1769, addressed to the right hon. William earl of Mansfield.” Fearne, Charles writer

“Examen impartial des epoques de la nature de M. de Buffon,” Feller, Francis Xavier De an ex-jesuit

“Essays or Discourses, selected from the works of Feyjoo, and translated from the Spanish, by John Brett, esq.” Feyjoo, Benedict Jerom physician

Died: Fielding, Sir John was half brother

Died: Fitzgibbon, John earl of Clare

“Fastorum Anni Ronaani Verrio Flacco ordinatorum reliquiae,” Foggini, Peter Francis a learned Italian ecclesiastic

Died: Fothergill, John physician

“Dictionnaire etymologique et raisotme des racines Latines, a l'usage des jteunes gens,” Gebelin, Anthony Court De writer

“A Reply to Mr. Gibbon’s Vindication; wherein the charges brought against him in the Examination are confirmed, and further instances given of his misrepresentation, inaccuracy, and plagiarism. By Henry Edward Davis, B. A. of Baliol college, Oxford,” Gibbon, Edward historian

“Law and Practice of Distresses and Replevins,” Gilbert, Sir Jeffray knt. lord chief baron of the exchequer

“History of Thetford,” Gough, Richard the Camden of the eighteenth century

Died: Hagedorn, Frederic poet

Died: Heerkens, Gerard Nicholas a native of Groningen

“Alwyn,” Holcroft, Thomas writer

“Memoirs.” Hollis, Thomas esq. of Corscombe in Dorsetshire; a gentleman whose “Memoirs.” have been printed in two splendid volumes (17201774)

Died: Houbraken, Jacob engraver

“The State of the Prisons in England and Wales, with preliminary Observations, and an Account of some Foreign Prisons,” Howard, John the indefatigable friend of the poor and unfortunate

“An Account of the principal Lazarettos in Europe, with various Papers relative to the Plague, together with further Observations on some foreign Prisoas and Hospitals; and additional remarks on the present state of those in Great Britain and Ireland.” Howard, John the indefatigable friend of the poor and unfortunate

Died: Jaucourt, Louis De a man of a noble family

Died: Ihre, John professor of rhetoric and politics in the university of Upsal

“An Essay on the English Government;” King, Edward antiquary

“Traite de la Veillesse.” Lambert, Anne Therese, Marchioness De an ingenious French lady

“Memoirs,” Landen, John mathematician

“Dissertation” Langhorne, John poet

Died: Lawrence, Thomas physician

Died: Levret, Andrew an eminent French surgeon and accoucheur

“Letters” Lyttelton, George writer

“Poems,” Lyttelton, George writer

“Thelyphthora,” Madan, Martin writer

“Observations on the Means of preserving the Health of Soldiers,” Monro, Alexander, M. D. anatomist

“Ethic Amusements.” Nares, James doctor of music

“Spicilegia Zoologica,” Pallas, Peter Simon naturalist

“An Appendix to the Observations in defence of the Liberty of Man, as a moral agent, &c.” Palmer, John writer

Died: Parry, Richard rector of Wichampton in Dorsetshire

“Don Quixote.” Percy, Thomas prelate

Died: Querlon, Anne Gabriel Meusnier De born at Nantes April 15

“Eclaircissemens sur l'inyention des Cartes a jouer,” Rive, John Joseph writer

Died: Rue, Charles De La Benedictine

“Select Collection of Miscellany Poems,” Rymer, Thomas antiquary

Died: Sancho, Ignatius an extraordinary Negro

Died: Schonning, Gerrard a learned Norwegian

Died: Soufflot, James Germain architect

“The History of the Establishment of the Reformation of Religion in Scotland,” Stuart, Gilbert historian

“Common-place Arguments,” Tickell, Richard writer

“Easy Lessons for Children,” Trimmer, Sarah a very ingenious lady

Died: Watson, Robert historian

“the velocity of water issuing from a vessel when put in motion.” Wildbore, Charles mathematician (1717–?)

“A short History of the Opposition” Wilmot, John Eardley was born in 1748