Events noted in 1782

The event pages are experimental; the OCR errors in the text mean this is incomplete and unreliable but I offer it in the hopes that it will be of some use. Events shown include births and deaths of people with their own entries, and also the publication dates of some of the works cited.

1781 1783


Died: Abney, Sir Thomas an eminent magistrate of the city of London (16391722)

Publication: “Essay on the history of the Civilization of Mankind,” by Adelung, John Christopher a learned German grammarian (?–1806)

Publication: “A Letter to the right hon. Charles Jenkinson,” by Almon, John bookseller

Publication: “The interest of Great Britain, with regard to her American Colonies, considered,” by Anderson, James writer

Died: Arcere, Louis Etienne priest of the oratory

Publication: “Biographia Dramatica” by Baker, Henry naturalist

Publication: “Journal deaf Savans” by Beauchamps, Joseph a member of the national Institute of France

Publication: “De Talaitement et de la premiere Education des Enfans,” by Beurieu, Gaspard Guillard De writer

Publication: “Dall‘ Esistenza d’una sola specie d‘esseri ragionevoli e liberi si arguisce l’Esistenza di Dio, dissertazione,” by Belgrado, James mathematician

Died: Benzel De Sternau, Anselm Francis De a privy counsellor of the electorate of Meritz

Publication: “Amants Republicains, ou Lettrea de Nicias et Cynire,” by Berenger, John Peter writer

Died: Berenger, Richard esq. many years gentleman of the horse to his majesty

Publication: “Pharmacopoeia Medici,” by Berkenhout, Dr. John writer

Died: Bernoulli, Daniel philosopher

Publication: “De la reforme politique des Juifs,” by Bernoulli, John the grandson of the preceding John

Publication: “A description of the fountain of Dribourg,” by Beroldingen, Francis De an eminent mineralogist

Publication: “Memoires sur les moyens qui ont fait prosperer les manufactures de Lyon,” by Bertholon, De St. Lazare philosopher

Publication: “La mesure du temps appliquee a la navigation,” by Berthoud, Ferdinand an eminent French marine clock-maker

Born: Besiers, Michael a canon of St

Publication: “The natural history of German Fishes,” by Bloch, Mark Eliezer naturalist

Publication: “Dictionary of German proverbs,” by Blum, Joachim Christian poet

Publication: “Rosina,” by Brooke, Frances whose maiden name was Moore

Died: Bure, William Francis De bookseller

Publication: “Traite de la force de bois,” by Camus, Antony Le physician

Publication: “Nouveaux principes de Physique,” by Carra, John Lewis one of those French philosophers and statesmen to whom the revolution gave a shortlived importance

Died: Cole, William antiquary

Died: Conybeare, John divine

Died: Costard, George clergyman

Born: Coyer, L'Abbé who was born at Baumeles-Nones in Franche-Comtt;

Publication: “Anecdotes of eminent Painters in Spain,” by Cumberland, Richard writer

Died: Day, Thomas writer

Publication: “Seduction, or the Cause of injured Innocence pleaded, a Poem,” by De Courcy, Richard vicar of St

Publication: “A Typographical History of Vienna from the year 1482 to 1560,” by Denis, Michael bibliographer

Died: Drinker, Edward was born on the 24th of December

Died: Durand, David preacher

Died: Dyer, John poet

Publication: “Manuel geographe,” by Expilli, John Joseph writer

Publication: “Diatribe qua bibliographies antiquarise et sacrae critices capita aliquot illustrantur,” by Fabricy, Gabriel Dominican

Publication: “Gaiathee,” by Florian, John Peter Claris De writer

Publication: “Lemons elementaires d'histoire naturelle et de chimie,” by Fourcroy, Anthony Francis an eminent French chemist

Died: Francois, Laurence writer

Publication: “Philosophical Tracts,” by Frisi, Paul mathematician

Publication: “Letters of a Peruvian Princess,” by Grafigny, Frances D'Isembourg D'Happoncourt, Dame De a French lady of literary reputation

Died: Hamel Du Monceau, Henry Lewis Du writer

Publication: “Letters to Lady Frances Shirley,” by Hervey, James divine

Died: Home, Henry usually called Lord Kames

Publication: “Guide” by Lanzi, Lewis antiquary

Publication: “De serificio civium bologmensium libellus singularis,” by Lassala, Manuel a Spanish Ex-jesuit

Died: Mangey, Thomas divine

Publication: “L‘age d’or,” by Marechal, Peter Sylvanus writer

Died: Margraf, Andrew Sigismond a celebrated chemist

Publication: “Ode to Mr. Pitt,” by Mason, William divine

Died: Monckton, Hon. Robert great grandson of the preceding

Publication: “Rape of the Seraglio,” by Mozart, John Chrysostom Wolfgang Theophilus musician

Publication: “Idomeneo,” by Mozart, John Chrysostom Wolfgang Theophilus musician

Publication: “Dialogues of the Dead with the Living,” by Parsons, Philip divine

Publication: “Curialia; or an historical account of some branches of the Royal Household,” by Pegge, Samuel was born in 1731

Died: Pellerin, Joseph famous for his collection of medals

Publication: “History of Hinckley,” by Percy, Thomas prelate

Publication: “A Treatise on the study of Antiquities,” by Pownall, Thomas a gentleman of considerable learning and political knowledge

Publication: “A Memorial addressed to the Sovereigns of America,” by Pownall, Thomas a gentleman of considerable learning and political knowledge

Publication: “Sketches of the progress of Botany in England.” by Pulteney, Richard botanist

Publication: “Psyche,” by Ridley, Dr. Gloster divine

Publication: “On Culinary Poisons.” by Robertson, Joseph divine

Died: Romaine, William divine

Publication: “Digest of the Highway Laws.” by Scott, John poet

Died: Simpson, Thomas professor of mathematics in the king’s academy at Woolwich

Died: Torre, John Maria De La philosopher

Publication: “Observations on the three first volumes of the History of English Poetry, in a familiar letter to the author,” by Warton, Thomas historian

Publication: “A Plan of Association on Constitutional Principles” by Williams, David a literary and religious projector of some note (17381816)

Died: Wilson, Richard artist

Publication: “De morbis quibusdam commentarii,” by Wintringham, Clifton physician

Publication: “Euripides” by Wodhull, Michael the first translator into English verse of all the tragedies and fragments of Euripides which are extant