Events noted in 1787

The event pages are experimental; the OCR errors in the text mean this is incomplete and unreliable but I offer it in the hopes that it will be of some use. Events shown include births and deaths of people with their own entries, and also the publication dates of some of the works cited.

1786 1788


Died: Abel, Charles Frederick musician

“Description historique, geographique, et topographique de la Provence et du Comtat Yenaissin,” Achard, Claude Francis physician

“A philosophical and medical sketch of the Natural History of the Human Body and Mind,” Adair, James Makittrick physician

“La vraie maniere d'apprendre une Langue quelconque, vivante ou morte, par le moyen de la langue Française,” Adam, Nicolas a French grammarian

“A defence of the Constitution of Government of the United States of America,” Adams, John late president of the United States of America

“Treatise on German Orthography,” Adelung, John Christopher a learned German grammarian (?–1806)

“Vie du marechal Villars, ecrite par lui-meme, suivie du journal de la cour de 1724 a 1734,” Anquetil, Lewis-Peter historian

Died: Astley, John artist

“History of India and Oriental Astronomy,” Bailly, John Sylvanus an eminent French astronomer

Died: Baron, Hyacinth Theodore

“An introduction to the knowledge and history of Vegetables,” Batsch, Augustus John George Charles a learned contributor to the science of Botany

Died: Baylis, William one of the physicians to the king of Prussia

“Not so many as your majesty.” Baylis, William one of the physicians to the king of Prussia

“Memoire en reponse a celui de Guillaume Kornmann,” Beaumarchais, Peter Augustin Caron De writer

“Tarare,” Beaumarchais, Peter Augustin Caron De writer

“Discours sur le Manage des Protestants,” Bergier, Nicolas Sylvester writer

Died: Berkeley, George prelate

“De la mesure du temps,” Berthoud, Ferdinand an eminent French marine clock-maker

Died: Bouvart, Michael Philip physician

Died: Brown, John clergyman

“Terentius,” Brunck, Richard Francis Frederick critic

Died: Buat-Nancay, Louis Gabriel Du chevalier and count of Nanay

“A Treatise on Magnetism, in theory and practice, with original experiments,” Cavallo, Tiberius philosopher

“Travels in North- America, in the years 1780, 1781, 1782,” Chastellux, Francis John, Marquis De a marshal in the French army

Died: Cole, Charles Nalson lawyer

“Euler’s Letters,” Condorcet, John Antony Nicolas Caritat Mapquis De mathematician

Died: De Foe, Daniel writer

“Descriptip nuinmorum Antiochae Syriae, sive specimen artis criticse numerariff,” Eckhel, Joseph Hilary antiquary

Died: Egerton, John bishop

Died: Essex, Jamks a man whose astonishing knowledge of gothic architecture could only be equalled by his modesty

“Methode de nomenclature chimique proposer par Morveau, &c.” Fourcroy, Anthony Francis an eminent French chemist

“Phytographia,” Gesner, John a canon of Zurich

Died: Gesner, John Matthew critic

“Athenaid” Glover, Richard poet

“Select Beauties of Ancient English Poetry,” Headley, Henry critic

“Cryptogamia” Hedwig, John botanist

“Aves Frisicse,” Heerkens, Gerard Nicholas a native of Groningen

“Appeal,” Horapollo was a grammarian

Died: Horsley, Samuel prelate

“Eloge historique de l'abbé Mably,” Levesque, Peter Charles writer

“Letters to Dr. Priestley,” Madan, Martin writer

Died: Manners, John marquis of Granby

“Defence of his conduct in the affair of the insurrection in Munster,” Olearius, Godfrey the most considerable of a family of learned men of thU name

“A brief account, historical and critical, of the Septuagint Version of the Old Testament. To which is added, A Dissertation on the comparative excellency of the Hebrew and Samaritan Pentateuch,” Owen, Henry divine

Died: Paley, William divine

“Notices and Descriptions of Antiquities of the Provincia Romana of Gaul, now Provence, Languedoc, and Dauphiny: with Dissertations on the subjects of which those are exemplars and an Appendix, describing the Roman Baths and Thermae, discovered in 1784, at Badenweiler,” Pownall, Thomas a gentleman of considerable learning and political knowledge

“The Evidence of a future period of Improvement in the State of Mankind, with the means and duty of promoting it, delivered to the supporters of the new Academical Institution among Protestant Dissenters,” Price, Richard writer

“Histoire critique de la Pyramide de Caius Sestius,” Rive, John Joseph writer

Died: Robinson, Richard archbishop

“Collection of Original Royal Letters,” Rush, Benjamin physician

“Giulio Sabino characteristica,” Sarti, Joseph a sweet

“Arcadia*” Sidney, Philip a very accomplished English gentleman (?–1586)

Died: Skelton, Philip clergyman

Died: Sydenham, Floyer deserves a fuller account than can now be given of a learned and diligent man

“History of Italian Literature,” Tiraboschi, Jerome one of the most valuable Italian writers of the last century

Died: Tyers, Thomas writer

“Considerations on Parochial Music” Vincent, William dean

“Review of the case of the Protestant Dissenters” Warburton, William prelate