Events noted in 1788

The event pages are experimental; the OCR errors in the text mean this is incomplete and unreliable but I offer it in the hopes that it will be of some use. Events shown include births and deaths of people with their own entries, and also the publication dates of some of the works cited.

1787 1789


Died: Aliamet, James engraver

Died: Ambrogi, Antoine Marie scholar

Died: Anderson, James writer

Publication: “Experiences de Gambais sur les bles noirs ou caries,” by Averdy, Clement Charles De L' statesman

Publication: “Prophet,” by Bentley, Richard was a man of various and considerable accomplishments (?–1782)

Publication: “Collection de tous les voyages faits autour de monde,” by Berenger, John Peter writer

Died: Betti, Zachary poet

Publication: “Idées sur la Meteorologie” by Black, Joseph one of the most eminent chemical philosophers of the last century

Died: Bowle, John scholar

Publication: “Marian,” by Brooke, Frances whose maiden name was Moore

Publication: “A catalogue of its fish.” by Browne, Patrick naturalist

Publication: “Plautus,” by Brunck, Richard Francis Frederick critic

Died: Burgh, James writer

Publication: “De la Musique considereé en elle meme, et dans ses rapports avec la parole, les langues, la poesie, et la theatre,” by Chabanon, De writer

Publication: “Voyage dans les trois royaumes d‘Angleterre, d’Ecosse, et d'Irlande:” by Chantreau, Peter Nicholas writer

Publication: “Analytical Review” by Christie, Thomas writer

Publication: “Institutes,” by Coke, Sir Edward lord chief-justice of England

Publication: “Ode on the Superstitions,” by Collinson, Peter botanist

Publication: “Reflexions sur le commerce des bk-s,” by Condorcet, John Antony Nicolas Caritat Mapquis De mathematician

Publication: “A Letter to Arthur Young, esq. on the bill then depending in parliament to prevent the Exportation of Wool,” by Day, Thomas writer

Died: Desault, Peter Joseph surgeon

Publication: “Ars bene valendi,” by Desbillons, Francis Joseph Terrasse poet

Born: Du Paty at first advocate-general

Publication: “Letters on Italy,” by Du Paty at first advocate-general

Publication: “The Elements of Medical Jurisprudence; to which are added, directions for preserving the Public Health,” by Farr, Samuel physician

Publication: “Wales’s Remarks on Forster’s Account,” by Forster, John Reinhold naturalist (?–1798)

Publication: “Analyse chimique de l‘eau sulphureuse d’Enghein, pour servir a l'histoire des eaux sulphureuse en general,” by Fourcroy, Anthony Francis an eminent French chemist

Publication: “De fructibus et sem'mihus plantarum,” by Gærtner, Joseph botanist

Died: Gainsborough, Thomas artist

Publication: “Caruien Seculare” by Geddes, Alexander divine

Died: Gib, Adam divine

Publication: “Analytical Review,” by Godwin, Mary a lady of very extraordinary genius

Publication: “Histoire de la Vie privee des Frangais;” by Grand, John Baptist Le was born at Amiens

Publication: “A Provincial Glossary, with a Collection of local Proverbs and popular Superstitions,” by Grose, Francis antiquary

Publication: “Rules for drawing Caricatures,” by Grose, Francis antiquary

Publication: “Dissertations on the origin, nature, and pursuits of intelligent beings, and on Divine Providence, Religion, and religious Worship,” by Holwell, John Zephaniah a learned English gentleman

Publication: “Tractatus varii Latini aCrevier, Brotier,” by Homer, Henry scholar

Publication: “Tacitus de Moribus Germanorum et de Vita Agricolje,” by Homer, Henry scholar

Publication: “Life and Voyages of captain Cook,” by Kippis, Andrew divine

Publication: “Ordination Charge,” by Kippis, Andrew divine

Died: Lever, Sir Ashton the founder of a valuable museum

Publication: “La France sous les cinq premier Valois,” by Levesque, Peter Charles writer

Publication: “Recollection of some particulars in the Life of Shenstone,” by Lyttelton, Charles third son of sir Thomas

Died: Mann I, Dominic Maria writer

Died: Mozart, John Chrysostom Wolfgang Theophilus musician

Publication: “An attempt towards an improved version, a metrical arrangement, and an explanation of the Twelve Minor Prophets,” by Newcome, William prelate

Died: Nugent, Robert-Craggs, Earl a nobleman of poetical celebrity

Publication: “A Defence of the Conduct and Writings of the rev. Arthur O'Leary, &c. written by himself, in answer to the illgrounded insinuations of the right rev. Dr. Woodward, bishop of Cloyne,” by Olearius, Godfrey the most considerable of a family of learned men of thU name

Publication: “Annals of ancient German Literature, or an account of books printed in Germany frpm the invention of the art to 1520,” by Panzer, George Wolfgang Francis bibliographer

Publication: “Humanity, or the Rights of Nature,” by Pratt, Samuel Jackson poet (17491814)

Publication: “Essays on the intellectual Powers of Man;” by Reid, Thomas divine

Publication: “Le Courier des Planetes,” by Reigny, Louis Abel Beffroi commonly called Cousin Jaques

Died: Rochefort, William De writer

Died: Scopoli, John Anthony naturalist

Died: Shebbeare, John writer

Died: Sheridan, Thomas by his wife Miss Macpherson

Died: Smith, Adam the celebrated author of the “Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations

Publication: “Emmeline, or the Orphan of the Castle,” by Smith, Charlotte an elegant poetess

Died: Thomas, William born in 1670

Publication: “Extraits de divers auteurs Grecs a l‘usage de l’ecole militaire,” by Vauvilliers, John Francis writer

Died: Wesley, John the most celebrated of the family

Died: Zollikofer, George Joachim divine

Died: Zuccarelli, Francis artist