Brunswick-Oels, Frederick Augustus, Duke Of

, a general of infantry in the Prussian army, an honorary member of the royal academy of sciences of Berlin, and second cousin to his Britannic majesty, was born at Brunswick, Oct. 20, 1741. He was the second son of Charles, reigning duke of Brunswick, by the duchess PhilippineCharlotte, daughter of Frederick William I. king of Prussia, and sister to Frederick the Great. His education was intrusted to men of talents and virtue, and his progress was in proportion. He entered the military service in 1761, as colonel of his father’s regiment of infantry in the allied army, under the commander in chief, his uncle, the duke Ferdinand. In that year, and in 17 2, he distinguished | himself in several actions. In 1763, he entered into the service of Frederick II. king of Prussia, and in 1768 married the only daughter of the reigning duke of Wirtemberg-Oels. From that time he fixed his residence entirely at Berlin, where he devoted his time to military and literary studies. His father-in-law dying about the end of the year 1792, he succeeded him in the principality of Oels, to which he went in the month of June 1793. The following year he resigned all his military preferments, in order to attend to his principality, and was not more distinguished as a statesman and a soldier than as a patron of learning and learned men, contributing liberally to the publication of many useful works. He died at Weimar Oct. 8, 1805.

The following is a list of his works, which are in general but little known, as he printed them at his own expence, principally for distribution among his friends. 1, “Considerazioni sopra le cose della grandezza dei Romani, trad, del Montesquieu,Berlin, 1764, 8vo. 2. “Reflessioni critiche sopra ii carattere e le gesta d’Alessandro Magno,Milan, 1764, 8vo. This was translated both into French and English, the. latter in 1767; and a new edition of the original was reprinted at Berlin in 1803, 8vo. 3. A German translation of the “Heureusement,” a comedy of Rochon de Chabannes, Brunswick, 1764, 8vo. 4. A Cferman translation of the tragedy of “Regulus,Potsdam, 1767, 8vo. 5. “Discours sur les Grand Hommes,Berlin, 1768, 8vo, and ibid. 1803. 6. A French translation of Brandes’ “Ariane a Naxos.” 7. “The Thoughts of a Cosmopolite on Air Balloons,” in German, Hamburgh, 1784, 8vo. 8. “A Discourse on taking the oath, Oct. 2, 1786,” in German, Berlin, 1786, 8vo. 9. “Instructions for his regiment, &c.” in German, ibid. 1791, 8vo, with military figures. 10. “The military history of prince Frederic Augustus of Brunswick-Lunebourg, &c.” in German, Oels, 1797, 4to, with a portrait and twenty plans and charts. 11. "Journal plaisant, historique, politique, et literaire, a Oels/’ from July 1793 to July 179$. He left also several works in manuscript, principally on military tactics. 1