Events noted in 1768

The event pages are experimental; the OCR errors in the text mean this is incomplete and unreliable but I offer it in the hopes that it will be of some use. Events shown include births and deaths of people with their own entries, and also the publication dates of some of the works cited.

1767 1769


“Principes sur la libe'rte du Commerce des Grains,” Abeille, Louis Paul was born at Toulouse

“Observations on the power of alienation in the Crown before the first of queen Anne, supported by precedents, and the opinions of many learned judges; together with some remarks on the conduct of administration respecting the case of the duke of Portland,” Adair, James lawyer

Died: Alexander, John writer

“Dialogues sur l'utilité des moines rentés,” Ansart, Andrew Joseph historian

“La Philosophic du bons sens,” Argens, John Baptiste De Boyer, Marquis D' one of those writers who contributed to the general desolation of government

“Varietes litteraires, ou Ilecueil des pieces tant originales que traduites, concernant la philosophic, la litterature, et les arts,” Arnaud, Francis writer

Died: Artigni, Anthony Gachet D' canon of the cathedral church at Vienna

Died: Assemani, Joseph Simon keeper of the Vatican

Died: Attiret, John Denis Jesuit

“Monumenta Latina Posthuma Josephi Averanii Florentini,” Averani, Joseph was born at Florence the 19th of March 1662

“The Orations of Demosthenes and Eschines on the crown,” Auger, Athanasius critic

Died: Baron, Richard a dissenting minister

“La Certitude des Preuves du Christianisme,” Bergier, Nicolas Sylvester writer

“Amusemens dramatiques,” Bielfeld, James Frederick Baron De was born at Hamburgh March 31

“Erudition universelle,” Bielfeld, James Frederick Baron De was born at Hamburgh March 31

“Tiberius, or the six first books of the Annals of Tacitus, translated into French,” Bleterie, John Philip Rene De La was born at Rennes

Died: Bontems, Madame a lady who was born at Paris in 1718

“Memou/e au sujet de l'honoraire des medicines,” Bouvart, Michael Philip physician

Died: Boyer, John Baptist Nicholas physician

“A farewell Oration, &c.” Browne, Sir William physician

“Fragmentum Isaaci Hawkins Browne, arm. sive Anti-Bolinbrokius, liber primus. Translated for a second Religio Medici,” Browne, Sir William physician

“A Philosophical Survey of the Animal Creation,” Bruckner, John divine

“Discours sur les Grand Hommes,” Brunswick-Oels, Frederick Augustus, Duke Of a general of infantry in the Prussian army

Died: Camus, Charles Stephen Lewis mathematician

Died: Canal, Antonio painter

Died: Cat, Claude Nicholas Le physician

“The Old Whig, or Consistent Protestant.” Chandler, Samuel an eminent dissenting minister

Died: Chappelow, Leonard scholar

“A defence of the conduct of the lieutenantgovernor, in reply to a printed libel.” Clarke, Edward was born at Btixted

“The Way to Things by Words, and to Words by Things,” Cleland, John was the son of colonel Cleland

“Amelia” Cumberland, Richard writer

“Memorial to the Proprietors of East India Stock,” Dalrymple, Alexander an eminent hydrographer

“Ossian’s poems,” Denis, Michael an eminent German bibliographer

Born: Dessaix, Louis Charles Anthony a brave French general in the revolutionary war

“Infirmary Sermon,” Dodwell, William was born at Shottesbrooke

Died: Earle, Jabez a dissenting minister of considerable note

“Duae Dissertationes: in quarum priore probatur, variantes lectiones et menda, quae in Sac ram Scripturam irrepserunt, non labefactare ejus auctoritatem in rebus quae ad fidem et mores pertinent: in posteriore vero, praedestinationem Paulinam ad Gentilium vocationern totam spectare,” Edwards, Thomas divine

“The elements of Optics, in four books,” Emerson, William mathematician

Died: Fielding, Sarah was born in 1714

“Tho Devil upon Two Sticks,” Foote, Samuel esq. called the English Aristophanes

Died: Forcellini, Egidio an eminent lexicographer

“De intequalitate MoiCls Planetarum,” Frisi, Paul mathematician

Died: Frugoni, Charles Innocent poet

“Historia Fucorum,” Gmelin, Samuel Gottlieb was born at Tubingen in 1743; where he was educated

“Historia Stirpium Helvetiae indigenarum,” Haller, Albert De one of the most eminent physicians and philosophers of the eighteenth century

“Complete works of Hatto,” Hatto bishop

“On the Writings of Thomas Abbt,” Herder, John Gottfried philosopher (?–1803)

“Corpus juris civilis, cum notis variorum,” Hommel, Charles Frederick lawyer

“Palingenesia librorum juris veterum,” Hommel, Charles Frederick lawyer

“Cyrus,” Hoole, John poet

Died: Huxham, John physician

“Thoughts on the principal Truths of Religion,” Jerusalem, John-Frederick William divine

“Select Letters between the late Dutchess of Somerset, Lady Luxborough,” Lancaster, Nathaniel, D. D. was many years rector of Stamford Rivers

“Transactions” Landen, John mathematician

Died: Langhorne, John poet

“Histoire impartiale des Jesuites,” Linguet, Simon Nicholas Henry writer

Died: Lisle, Joseph Nicholas De was born at Paris April 4

Died: Lowth, Robert prelate

“Mr. Markland is very old, being within a few days of seventy-three, with weak eyes and a shaking hand, so that he can neither read nor write without trouble: that he has scarce looked into a Greek or Latin book for above these three years, having given over all literary concerns and therefore it is your (Mr. Bowyer’s) opinion that he (the bishop) had much better not write to Mr. Markland, which will only distress him; but that you are very sure that he will not now enter into any correspondence of learning.” Markland, Jeremiah one of the most learned critics of the eighteenth century

“Two Iphigeniae,” Markland, Jeremiah one of the most learned critics of the eighteenth century

“Annotations on the Psalms,” Merrick, James divine

“A Manual of Prayers for common occasions,” Merrick, James divine

“Treatise on the Law of Marriage, according to Moses,” Michaelis, John David critic

Died: Mounteney, Richard lawyer

“De scriptorum gentilium lectione, et profanarum disciplinarum studiis ad Christianaepietatisnormam exigendis,” Munoz, John Baptist historian

“Institutiones philosophies,” Munoz, John Baptist historian

“A Treatise on the Philosophy of Aristotle,” Munoz, John Baptist historian

Died: Parcieux mathematician

“Anecdotes of Rome, &c. by a Swedish Traveller,” Patel painter

“Observations on the Nature and Consequences of those Injuries to which the Head is liable from external Violence. To which are added, some few general Remarks on Fractures and Dislocations,” Pott, Percival an English surgeon of the highest eminence (17131788)

“Death of king Edmund.” Romney, George artist

“Abreg d'Anatomie,” Sabatier, Raphael - Bienvenu a very eminent French surgeon

“A Dialogue between Isaac Walton and Homologistes,” Sanderson, Dr. Robert

Died: Scott, John poet

Died: Short, James an eminent optician

Died: Smith, Robert the very learned successor of Bentley as master of Trinity college

Died: Steevens, Geokge a celebrated commentator on the works of Shakspeare

Died: Sterne, Laurence said to be great-grandson of the preceding

Died: Stone, Edmund an eminent

Died: Talbot, Catherine a very ingenious lady

Died: Titley, Walter scholar

Died: Tucker, Abraham writer

Died: Warner, Ferdinando writer

“A Letter to David Garrick, esq. concerning a glossary to the Plays of Shakspeare,” Warner, Richard who merits notice for his regard to the science of botany

“Chemical Essays.” Watson, Richard prelate

“A collection of the genuine Papers, Letters, &c. in the Case of J. Wilkes, late member for Aylesbury in the county of Bucks; a Paris, chez J. W. imprimeur, Run du Columhier, Fauxburgk St. Germain, a I' Hotel de Saxe” Wilkes, John a very singular political character in the early part of the present reign

“A Sermon preached in the parish-church of Christchurch, London, on Thursday April the 21st, 1768; being the time of the yearly meeting of tl^e children educated in the charityschools in and about the cities of London and Westminster,” Worthington, William divine