Events noted in 1757

The event pages are experimental; the OCR errors in the text mean this is incomplete and unreliable but I offer it in the hopes that it will be of some use. Events shown include births and deaths of people with their own entries, and also the publication dates of some of the works cited.

1756 1758


“Dissertation on the religious knowledge of the ancient Jews and Patriarchs; to which is annexed a specimen of a Greek and English Concordance,” Addington, Stephen a dissenting clergyman

Died: Alberti, Michael avery eminent German physician

“OryctographiiE Pedemontan;e specimen,” Allioni, Charles a celebrated Piedmontese physician

“Nouvelles fontaines filtrantes,” Amy, N. an advocate in the parliament of Aix

“Reflexions sur les vaisseaux de cuivre, de plomb, et d'etain,” Amy, N. an advocate in the parliament of Aix

“Journal Historique de la tentative* de la flotte Angloisc sur la cote d'Aunisj” Arcere, Louis Etienne priest of the oratory

“The Italian Library containing an account of the lives and works of the most valuable authors of Italy with a preface exhibiting the change of the Tuscan language from the barbarous ages to the present time,” Baretti, Joseph was born at Turin about the year 1716

“Choix des anciens Mercures,” Bastide, John Francis De La a very industrious French writer

“L'Histoire des revolutions de Naples,” Baudot De Juilli, Nicholas born at Vendôme in 1678

“Plan d‘un cours de Chimie experimentale et raisonne’e,” Beaume', Antony an eminent French chemist

“Dissertation sur F Ether,” Beaume', Antony an eminent French chemist

Died: Baume, James Francis De La canon of the collegiate church of St

Died: Baumgarten, Alexander Theophilus a philosopher of the German school

“FuDestine,” Beauchamps, Pierre François Godard De a French miscellaneous writer

“De vera origine et epocha Hunnorum,” Bel, Matthias born at Otsova in Hungary

“Essais sur le Guyane,” Bellin, Nicholas geographical engineer of the marine

“Dissertationes et Quaestiones medicae magis celebres,” Benvenuti, Joseph an Italian surgeon

“Memoires,” Bertrand, Elias an ingenious Swiss writer

“Trattato de' bagni de Piza, &c.” Bianchi, John an Italian naturalist

“Lettere sopra una gigante,” Bianchi, John an Italian naturalist

“Dei vescovi e governatori di Verona dissertazioni due,” Biancolini, John Baptist Joseph was born at Verona

“Origines, ou Pancien gouvernement de la France, de l‘Allemagne, et de l’Italie,” Buat-Nancay, Louis Gabriel Du chevalier and count of Nanay

“Researches into the history of Cards,” Bullet, John Baptist a learned French writer

“A dissertation on the history of France,” Bullet, John Baptist a learned French writer

“Life of Erasmus,” Burigny, Levesque De was born at Rheims in 1691

Died: Calmet, Augustine a learned Benedictine of the college of St

Died: Carleton, Sir Guy late lord Dorchester

Died: Carriera, Rosalba an eminent female artist

“Tableaux tire’s de L‘lliade, et de L’Odysse d'Homere,” Caylus, Anne Claude Philip De Tubiere De Grimoakd De Pestels De Levis, Count De a very celebrated amateur and patron of the arts

“Description d‘un tableau representant le Sacrifice d’Jpbigenie,” Caylus, Anne Claude Philip De Tubiere De Grimoakd De Pestels De Levis, Count De a very celebrated amateur and patron of the arts

“Engrossing hands for young clerks,” Champion, Joseph a celebrated English penman

Died: Cibber, Colley poet-laureat to George II. and a dramatic writer of considerable genius

“Vindication of the Histories of the Old and New Testament,” Clayton, Robert bishop of Clogher

“Dissertation sur l'effet de la lumiere et des ombres, relativement a la peinture,” Cochin, Charles Nicholas son of the preceding artist

“A volume of Sermons,” Dalton, John, D. D. was born in 1709

Died: Deslandes, Andrew Francis Boltreau a French writer

“La Theorie et la Pratique du Jardinage;” Dezallier, D'Argenville, Antony-Joseph a French naturalist and biographer

“Pere de Famille,” Diderot, Denys of the academy of Berlin

“Letters from Italy.” Duncombe, John was born 1730

“Journal Etranger” Eryceira, Ferdinand De Meneses, Count D' a Portuguese writer

“Davila’s History of France,” Farneworth, Ellis distinguished by translating some capital authors

“The Reveries; Memoirs upon the Art of War, by field-marshal count Saxe,” Fawcett, Sir William, K.B. a brave English officer

“Regulations for the Prussian cavalry,” Fawcett, Sir William, K.B. a brave English officer

“Meclallas de las Colonias municipios, y pueblos antiguos de Espana,” Florez, Henry a Spanish Augustine

“Fables,” Fontaine, John De La a celebrated French poet

Died: Fontenelle, Bernard Le Bovier De the son of Frangois le Bovier de Fonienelle

“The Author,” Foote, Samuel esq. called the English Aristophanes

“The Temple of Virtue, a Dream,” Fordyce, David professor of philosophy in the Marischal college

“Sophocles.” Francklin, Thomas chaplain in ordinary to his majesty

“Storia del Commercio della Gran Brettagna,” Genovesi, Antony or

“Treatise of Tenures,” Gilbert, Sir Jeffray knt. lord chief baron of the exchequer

“An Introduction to Dramatic Poetry, or a Review of all the tragedies, comedies, and operas, which have appeared in Germany from 1450 to the middle of the eighteenth century,” Gottsched, John Christopher a German poet

“Ratio Medendi in Nosocomio Practico,” Haen, Anthony De professor of medicine in the university of Vienna

“Elementa Physiologiae Medicse, &c.” Hamberger, George Edward professor of chemistry and of the practice of medicine in the university of Jena

Died: Hartley, David an ingenious physician and phU losopher

“History of the Pyrites,” Henckel, John Frederic an eminent mineralogist

“Jenks’s Meditations,” Hervey, James an English divine of exemplary piety and virtue

Died: Hoadly, Benjamin eldest son of the bishop of Winchester

Died: Jablonski, Paul-Ernest the son of Daniel-Ernest

“Reasons offered for the Reformation of the House of Correction in Clerkenwell,” Ilive, Jacob was a printer

Died: Inguimberti, Dominic, Joseph, Marie D' an exemplary and learned bishop of Carpentras

Died: Keene, Edmund an English prelate

“History of Carausius,” Kennedy, John, M. D. a native of Scotland

“Destruction of Zittau,” Klotz, Christian Adolphus an eminent German critic

Died: Koenig, Samuel a learned philosopher and mathematician

“Abrege chronologique de l'Histoire Ancienne,” Lacombe, James a diligent French miscellaneous historian

“Le Spectacle des Beaux Arts,” Lacombe, James a diligent French miscellaneous historian

“Account of the Castillian poets,” Lassala, Manuel a Spanish Ex-jesuit

“Bibl. Juridica” Lipenius, Martin a learned German divine

“The Antigallican, or the History and Adventures of Harry Cobham, esq.” Long, Edward author of a valuable History of Jamaica

“Experiences sur la Lithotomie,” Louis, Anthony an eminent French surgeon

Born: Macdonald, Andrew another young writer of considerable talents

“Journal Etranger” Macedo, Francis a Portuguese Jesuit

“Plan d'un Cours de Chymie experimentale et raisonnee,” Macquer, Joseph brother to the preceding

“Christian Reflections on the great truths of Faith,” Mascrier, John Baptist De a French abbé

“Histoire politique de siecle,” Maubert, De Gouvest, John Henry a noted political adventurer

“Memoire pour servir a l'histoire des Cacouac,” Moreau, Jacob Nicolas a French advocate (17171799)

“Memoires pour servir a Phistoire de riotre temps,” Moreau, Jacob Nicolas a French advocate (17171799)

“Thesaurus,” Morell, Thomas an able classical scholar and editor

“Philoctetes,” Morell, Thomas an able classical scholar and editor

Died: Mores, Edward-Rowe an English antiquary descended from an ancient family

Died: Neve, Timothy an English divine

“Suite de Discours pathetique,” Oliveyra, Francis Xavier De knight of the military order of Christ

Died: Pelloutier, Simon an historical writer

“Dictionnaire de Peinture, Sculpture, et Gravure,” Pernety, Anthony Joseph was born Feb. 15

Born: Reigny, Louis Abel Beffroi commonly called Cousin Jaques

“Miscellaneous Tracts,” Simpson, Thomas professor of mathematics in the king’s academy at Woolwich

“The Covenant of Grace in defence of infant baptism.” Taylor, John a learned dissenting teacher

“Demosthenes” Taylor, John a learned critic and philologist

“Norden’s Travels” Templeman, Peter the son of an eminent attorney at Dorchester in the county of Dorset

Died: Thornhill, Sir James an eminent English painter

“Cedrorum Libani historia,” Trew, Christopher James an eminent naturalist

“De colica pictorum,” Tronchin, Theodore a celebrated physician

Born: Trye, Charles Brandon a learned surgeon

“Natural and Civil Events the Instruments of God’s moral Government, a Sermon preached on the last public Fast-day, at Lincoln’s-inn Chapel,” Warburton, William an English prelate of great abilities and eminence

“Ecclesiastical History to the Eighteenth Century,” Warner, Ferdinando a very voluminous writer

Born: Willan, Robert a learned physician

“A review of the project for building a new square at Westminster, said to be for the use of Westminster-school. By a Sufferer. Part I.” Wilson, Thomas only surviving son of the preceding