Events noted in 1783

The event pages are experimental; the OCR errors in the text mean this is incomplete and unreliable but I offer it in the hopes that it will be of some use. Events shown include births and deaths of people with their own entries, and also the publication dates of some of the works cited.

1782 1784


Died: Alembert, John Le Rond D' philosopher

Publication: “Histoire de Sainte Reine d‘Alise, et de I’abbaye de Flavigny,” by Ansart, Andrew Joseph historian

Publication: “Les deux seigneurs, ou l'Alchymiste,” by Anson, Peter Hubert writer

Publication: “Institutiones Juris Belgici,” by Arntzenius, John Henry son of John Arntzenius

Publication: “Catalogus historico-criticus Romanarum editionum saeculi 15.” by Audiffredi, John Baptist astronomer

Publication: “History of the Corruption of Christianity,” by Badcock, Samuel divine

Publication: “Elenchus Fungorum,” by Batsch, Augustus John George Charles a learned contributor to the science of Botany

Publication: “Dissertations Moral and Critical, on Memory and Imagination; on Dreaming; the Theory of Language; on Fable and Romance; on the Attachments of Kindred; and Illustrations on Sublimity,” by Beattie, James philosopher

Publication: “Del Sole bisoguevole d‘alimento, e dell’ Oceano abile a procacciarglielo, dissert. Fisico-matematica,” by Belgrado, James mathematician

Publication: “Symbolse litterariae Duisburgenses ad incrementum scientiarum a. variis amicis amice collatae, ex Haganis factre Duisburgenses,” by Berg, John Peter divine

Died: Berry, William artist

Publication: “De I'electricité des vegetaux,” by Bertholon, De St. Lazare philosopher

Publication: “Preuves de l'efficacité des paratonneres,” by Bertholon, De St. Lazare philosopher

Died: Bertier, Joseph Stephen of the oratory

Died: Besplas, Joseph Mary Anne Gros De doctor of the Sorbonne

Died: Betham, Edward, B. D. divine

Died: Bezout, Stephen mathematician

Died: Bodmer, John James writer

Publication: “Essai sur l‘histoire chronologique de plus de quatrevingts peuples de l’antiquité,” by Borde, John Benjamin De La writer

Publication: “Epistolary Correspondence,” by Boyle, Charles earl of Orrery

Publication: “Table chronologique des diplomes, chartes, et titres relatifs a i'histoire de France,” by Brequigny, Lewis George, Oudard De Feudrix a learned member of the French academy

Died: Brooke, Henry writer

Died: Browne, Moses vicar of Olney in Buckinghamshire

Publication: “Aristophanis Comcediae ex optimis exemplaribus emendatae,” by Brunck, Richard Francis Frederick critic

Publication: “A circumstantial account of the Commercial Academy of Hamburgh,” by Busch, John George writer

Died: Colle, Charles secretary and reader to the duke of Orleans

Publication: “Essay on Military Eclogues,” by Cordara, Junus Caesar Jesuit

Publication: “The Mysterious Husband” by Cumberland, Richard writer

Publication: “De Aris et Lapidibus Votivis ad Neomagum et Sanctenum effosis,” by Cuper, Gisbert philologist

Publication: “Account of the Loss of the Grosvenor,” by Dalrymple, Alexander an eminent hydrographer

Publication: “Reflections on the present State of the East India Company,” by Dalrymple, Alexander an eminent hydrographer

Publication: “A short account of the Gentoo Mode of collecting the Revenues on the Coast of Coromandel,” by Dalrymple, Alexander an eminent hydrographer

Died: Dandre-Bardon, Michael Francis one of the professors of the academy of painting

Publication: “Memoires pour serrir a l‘histoire du siege de Gibraltar, par l’auteur des batteries flottantes,” by Darci

Publication: “Observations Astronomiques,” by D'Argonne

Publication: “The Seducer convicted on his own Evidence,” by De Courcy, Richard vicar of St

Publication: “History of the Flagellants; or, Memorials of Human Superstition,” by De Lolme, John Louis writer

Publication: “Voyage aux Isles de Lipari,” by Dolomieu, Deodati-Guy-Silvain-Tancred Gratet De a very able mineralogist

Died: Dunning, John Lord Ashburton

Publication: “Annales Politiques,” by Du Pan, James Mallet writer

Publication: “Institutes of Natural Philosophy,” by Enfield, William divine (17421797)

Died: Espagnac, John Baptist Joseph De Sahuguet Damarzil, Baron D' writer

Publication: “Lettera del sig. abate Eximeno al R. P. M. Fr. Tommaso Maria Memachi sopra Popinione del sig. abate Andres, intorno alia litteratura ecclesiastica de' secoli barbari,” by Eximeno, Anthony a Spanish ex-jesuit

Publication: “Remarks on the Appendix of the Editor of Rowley’s Poems, printed at the end of Observations on the Poem attributed to Rowley by Rayner Hickford, esq.” by Fell, John a dissenting minister of considerable learning

Died: Filangieri, Gaetano writer

Publication: “Scienza della Legislatione,” by Filangieri, Gaetano writer

Died: Flaust, John Baptiste

Died: Foggini, Peter Francis a learned Italian ecclesiastic

Publication: “Cursory Remarks on a late fanatical publication entitled a Full Detection of Popery,” by Geddes, Alexander divine

Died: Gorter, John De physician

Born: Herbin, Augustus Francis Julian scholar

Publication: “Orlando Furioso” by Hoole, John poet

Publication: “Letters to Dr. Horsley, in answer to his animadversions on the ‘ History of the Corruptions of Christianity:’ with an additional evidence that the primitive Christian church was Unitarian,” by Horsley, Samuel prelate

Died: Howard, Samuel Mus. D. was brought up in the king’s chapel

Publication: “Nummorum veterurn populorum & urbium qui in museo Guliehni Hunter asservantur descriptio figuris illustrata. Opera & studio Caroli Combe, S. R. & S. A. Soc. Londini,” by Hunter, William, M. D. anatomist

Died: Isla, Joseph Francis De L' Jesuit

Publication: “Rites and Ceremonies of the Jews,” by Levi, David a learned Jew

Died: Lorry, Anne-Charles physician

Died: Marmontel, John Francis one of the most distinguished French writers of the eighteenth century

Publication: “Translation of Du Fresnoy’s Art of Painting,” by Mason, William divine

Died: Moser, George Michael artist

Died: Nares, James doctor of music

Died: Oliveyra, Francis Xavier De knight

Publication: “Journey from Chester to London.” by Pennant, Thomas traveller

Died: Percy, Thomas prelate

Publication: “Memoirs of the Marquis of Pombal,” by Pombal, Sebastian Joseph Carvalho marquis of

Publication: “Further Remarks on the useless State of the lower Limbs in consequence of a Curvature of the Spine” by Pott, Percival surgeon (17131788)

Publication: “Memorial addressed to the Sovereigns of Europe and the Atlantic,” by Pownall, Thomas a gentleman of considerable learning and political knowledge

Publication: “Six Discourses,” by Priolo, Benjamin in Latin Priolus

Publication: “The Progress of Refinement, a poem, in three parts,” by Pye, Henry James poet

Died: Randolph, Thomas archdeacon of Oxford

Publication: “De Grsecae Linguae Studio Prselectio habita in Schola Linguarum,” by Randolph, John bishop (?–1813)

Publication: “Petites maisons du Parnasse,” by Reigny, Louis Abel Beffroi commonly called Cousin Jaques

Publication: “Les Confessions de J. J. Rousseau, suivies des Reveries du Promeneur Solitaire,” by Rousseau, John James an eccentric genius of our own times

Died: Swift, Deane dean

Died: Traill, Robert divine

Publication: “The Poetical remains of James I. of Scotland, consisting of the King’s Q.uair in six cantos, and * Christ’s kirk of the green,' to which is prefixed a dissertation on the life and writings of king James,” by Tytler, William writer

Died: Wargentin, Peter knight

Died: Watson, John historian

Publication: “A Letter to archbishop Cornwallis on the Church Revenues,” by Watson, Richard prelate

Died: Wray, Daniel a man of taste and learning