Events noted in 1785

The event pages are experimental; the OCR errors in the text mean this is incomplete and unreliable but I offer it in the hopes that it will be of some use. Events shown include births and deaths of people with their own entries, and also the publication dates of some of the works cited.

1784 1786


“Dictionnaire de la Provence et du Comtat Venaissin,” Achard, Claude Francis physician

“A treatise on the German Style,” Adelung, John Christopher a learned German grammarian (?–1806)

“History of Human Folly, or he Lives of the most celebrated Necromancers, Alchymists, Exorcists, Diviners, &c.” Adelung, John Christopher a learned German grammarian (?–1806)

“Discours prononcé a la seance de la societé d'agriculture de Lyon,” Albon, Claude Camille, Francois Count D' was born at Lyons in 1753

“Eloge de Count de Gebelin,” Albon, Claude Camille, Francois Count D' was born at Lyons in 1753

“Memorie de gli architetti,” Algardi, Alexander architect

Born: Alletz, Pons Augustin a French advocate (17021785)

“Flora Pedemontana, sive enumeratio methodica stirpium indigenarum Pedemontii,” Allioni, Charles physician

“An account of the present state of the Hebrides and Western Coasts of Scotland; being the substance of a report to the Lords of the Treasury,” Anderson, James writer

“Revoluzioni del teatro musicale Italiano, dalla sua origine, fino al presente,” Arteaga, Stephen writer

“Works of Lysias,” Auger, Athanasius critic

Died: Belchier, John was born in the year 1706

“Elemens d‘Algebre d’Euler,” Bernoulli, John the grandson of the preceding John

“Apologues et contes orientaux,” Blanchet, Francis a French abbé of considerable talents and amiable character

“Ichthyology, or the natural history of Fishes,” Bloch, Mark Eliezer naturalist

Died: Brett, John a naval officer

“Phaedri Fabularum, lib. v. cum notis et suppl. access. Parallela J. de la Fontaine Fabulse,” Brotier, Gabriel scholar

“Brumoy’s Theatre,” Brotier, Gabriel scholar

“Virgilius,” Brunck, Richard Francis Frederick critic

Died: Burigny, Levesque De was born at Rheims in 1691

Died: Burn, Richard writer

“The History and Practice of Aerostation,” Cavallo, Tiberius philosopher

Died: Chabrit, Peter member of the supreme council of Bouillon

“Of the French monarchy and its laws,” Chabrit, Peter member of the supreme council of Bouillon

Died: Cipriani, John Baptist artist

Died: Cochran, William artist

Died: Courtivron, Gaspard Le Compassed De Crequi, Marquis De chevalier de Saint-Louis

“The British Essayists.” Cumberland, Richard writer

“Postscript to Mr. Dairy mple’s account of the Gentoo Mode of collecting the Revenues on the Coast of Coromandel, being, Observations made on a perusal of it by Moodoo Kistna,” Dalrymple, Alexander an eminent hydrographer

“Extracts from Juvenilia, or Poems by George Wither,” Dalrymple, Alexander an eminent hydrographer

“Conseil de Guerre prive, sur revenement de Gibraltar en 1782,” Darci

Died: Davies, Thomas a man of considerable talents

“A Dialogue between a justice of peace and a farmer,” Day, Thomas writer

Died: Dodwell, William was born at Shottesbrooke

“Addresses to the Deity,” Fordyce, James clergyman

“L‘art de connoitre et d’employer les medicamens dans les maladies qui attaquent le corps humain,” Fourcroy, Anthony Francis an eminent French chemist

“Entomologia Parisiensis” Fourcroy, Anthony Francis an eminent French chemist

“A Reply to Mr. Gibbon’s Vindication, &c. containing a review of the errors still retained in these chapters. By James Chelsum, D. D. &c.” Gibbon, Edward historian

Died: Gibbons, Thomas divine

“Essays historical and moral,” Gregory, George divine

“A Treatise on ancient Armour and Weapons,” Grose, Francis antiquary

“A Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue,” Grose, Francis antiquary

Died: Grosley, Peter John antiquary

“Teatro Hespanol,” Huerta, Vincent Garica De La critic

Died: Koenig, Dr. John Gerard botanist

Died: Leland, Thomas a learned uivine and translator

“Histoire de Russie,” Levesque, Peter Charles writer

Died: Mably, Gabriel Bonnot, Abbe' De writer

Died: Mendelsohn, Moses writer

“Observations on our Lord’s conduct as a divine Instructor, and on the excellence of his moral character.” Newcome, William prelate

Died: Oglethorpe, James Edward a distinguished English officer

Died: Pigalle, John Baptist one of the most celebrated sculptors that France has produced

“Landscapes in Verse, taken in Spring,” Pratt, Samuel Jackson poet (17491814)

“Inquiry into the Human Mind;” Reid, Thomas divine

“Les Lunes,” Reigny, Louis Abel Beffroi commonly called Cousin Jaques

“Notices sur le traite manuscrit de Galeotto Martio, intitule De Excelientibus,” Rive, John Joseph writer

Died: Runciman, Alexander painter

“Chronological View of the Roman Laws,” Schomberg, Alexander Crowcher clergyman (?–1792)

“Critical Essays” Scott, John poet

“Select Papers,” Sharp, John prelate

“Observationes rnedicinales de febribus intermittentibus,” Strack, Charles physician

Died: Thomas, Antony, Leonard a member of the French academy

“Devotional poetry vindicated against Dr. Johnson,” Turner, Daniel a dissenting minister of the baptist persuasion

“Rhetorical Grammar,” Walker, John author of some valuable and popular works on the English language

Born: White, Henry Kirke poet (?–1806)

Died: Witchell, George mathematician

“Account of the Scarlet Fever and Sore Throat” Withering, William botanist

Died: Woollett, William one of the most eminent of modern engravers in England