Events noted in 1777

The event pages are experimental; the OCR errors in the text mean this is incomplete and unreliable but I offer it in the hopes that it will be of some use. Events shown include births and deaths of people with their own entries, and also the publication dates of some of the works cited.

1776 1778


Publication: “The Life of 'St. Cuthbert,” by Allan, George antiquary

Died: Alticozzi, Laurence of an illustrious family at Cortona

Publication: “Miscellaneous observations on planting and training Timber-trees, by Agricola,” by Anderson, James writer

Publication: “Observations on the means of exciting a spirit of National Industry,” by Anderson, James writer

Publication: “An enquiry into the nature of the Corn Laws, with a view to the new Corn Bill proposed for Scotland,” by Anderson, James writer

Publication: “Essays relating to Agriculture and rural affairs,” by Anderson, James writer

Publication: “Eloge de Charles V. empereur,” by Ansart, Andrew Joseph historian

Publication: “A C. W. Bampfylde, arm. Epistola,” by Anstey, Christopher poet

Publication: “Almunach litteraire, ou Etrennes d Apollon,” by Aquino De Chateau Lyon, Peter Louis and a bachelor of medicine

Publication: “De Fetat de l‘agriculture chez les Romains depuis le commencement de la Republique jusqu’au siecle de Jules Caesar relativement au gouvernment, aux mceurs, et au commerce,” by Arcere, Louis Etienne priest of the oratory

Died: Arckenholz, John historian

Died: Aubais, Charles De Baschi marquis of

Died: Bachaumont, Louis Petit De writer

Publication: “Entretiens sur I'etat de la Musique Grecque au quatrieme siecle,” by Barthelemi, John James writer

Publication: “De Telluris viriditate, dissertatio,” by Belgrado, James mathematician

Publication: “Delia Esistenza di Dio da' Teoremi Geometrici dimostrata, dissert.” by Belgrado, James mathematician

Died: Beraud, Laurence astronomer

Publication: “Dr. Cadogan’s dissertation on the Gout, examined and refuted” by Berkenhout, Dr. John writer

Died: Bertram, Philip-Ernest professor of law at Halle

Publication: “Histoire de Lorraine,” by Bexon, Gabriel-Leopold-Charles-Ame' writer

Publication: “Magazine for engineers and artillery-men,” by Boehm, Andrew privy- counsellor of the landgrave of Hesse

Died: Brosses, Charles De writer

Publication: “Burton upon Melancholy,” by Burton, Robert author of the “Anatomy of Melancholy

Publication: “Magazine of Modern History and Geography,” by Busching, Anthony Frederic an eminent geographer

Publication: “A Letter to George Hardinge, esq. on the subject of a passage in Mr. Steevens’s Preface to his impression of Shakspeare,” by Capell, Edward a gentleman well known by his indefatigable attention to the works of Shakspeare

Publication: “A Rural Ramble,” by Carey, George Savile son of the above

Publication: “Esprit de la Morale et de la Philosophic,” by Carra, John Lewis one of those French philosophers and statesmen to whom the revolution gave a shortlived importance

Publication: “A complete Treatise of Electricity in theory and practice, with original experiments,” by Cavallo, Tiberius philosopher

Publication: “Idylles de Theocrite,” by Chabanon, De writer

Died: Contant, Peter architect

Died: Coustou, William born at Paris in 1716

Died: Crebillon, Claude Prosper Joliot De was born at Paris February 12

Publication: “The Desolation of America,” by Day, Thomas writer

Publication: “The Rejoinder,” by De Courcy, Richard vicar of St

Publication: “Hints respecting the Utility of some Parochial Plan for suppressing the Profanation of the Lord’s Day,” by De Courcy, Richard vicar of St

Publication: “Thoughts in Prison.” by Dodington, George Bubb Lord Melcombe

Publication: “The Historical Account of Dr. Dodd’s Life,” by Duncombe, John was born 1730

Publication: “Letters from the late archbishop Herring, to William Buncombe, esq. deceased; from 1728 to 1757, with notes, and an appendix,” by Duncombe, John was born 1730

Publication: “Savage’s Works,” by Evans, Thomas bookseller

Publication: “Goldsmith’s Works,” by Evans, Thomas bookseller

Publication: “A Letter to Dr. Hurd, bishop of Worcester, wherein the importance of the prophecies of the New Testament, and the nature of the grand apostacy predicted in them, are particularly and impartially considered,” by Evanson, Edward one of the most determined opponents of revealed religion in modern times (?–1805)

Publication: “An impartial Inquiry into the case of the Gospel Demoniacs, with an Appendix, consisting of an essay on Scripture Demonology,” by Farmer, Hugh divine

Publication: “A brief Description of the Cities of London and Westminster, &c. To which are added, some Cautions against the Tricks of Sharpers,” by Fielding, Sir John was half brother

Publication: “Addresses to Young Men,” by Fordyce, James clergyman

Publication: “A Voyage round the World, in his Britannic majesty’s sloop Resolution, commanded by captain James Cook, during the years 1772, 3, 4, and 5,” by Forster, George was born at Dantzic in 1754

Publication: “Female Worthies, or the Lives and Memoirs of eminently pious’ women,” by Gibbons, Thomas divine

Publication: “A Catalogue of the Coins of Canute, king of Denmark and England, with specimens,” by Gough, Richard the Camden of the eighteenth century

Died: Gresset, John Baptist Lewis poet

Died: Gronovius, Laurence Theodore was born at Ley den in 1730

Publication: “Bibl. Botanica,” by Haller, Albert De one of the most eminent physicians and philosophers of the eighteenth century

Died: Hayes, William composer

Publication: “Letters” by Herring, Thomas prelate

Died: Hill, Robert was a man remarkable for his perseverance and talent in learning many languages by the aid of books alone

Publication: “The Resurrection of the body deduced from the Resurrection of Christ,” by Holmes, Robert divine

Born: Horsley, Samuel prelate

Died: Jablonowsky, Joseph Alexander Von a Polish prince

Died: Jussieu, Bernard was also a native of Lyons

Publication: “Semiramis” by Keate, George writer

Publication: “De Ira Divina.” by Lactantius, Firmian or Cæcilius

Died: Lambert, John Henry astronomer

Publication: “Italian Sonnets,” by Langhorne, John poet

Publication: “Essai philosophique sur le Monachisme,” by Linguet, Simon Nicholas Henry writer

Publication: “An Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Medicine,” by Macbride, David physician

Publication: “Letters from Mahommed Ali Chan, nabob of Arcot, to the Court of Directors. To which is annexed, a state of facts relative to Tanjore, with an appendix of original papers,” by Macpherson, James an author whose fame rests chiefly on his being the editor of Ossian’s poems

Publication: “Bibliotheque des Amans,” by Marechal, Peter Sylvanus writer

Died: Meier, George Frederic writer

Publication: “Principes de morale politique et du droit public, ou Discours sur l'histoire de France,” by Moreau, Jacob Nicolas a French advocate (17171799)

Publication: “Sacramental Meditations” by Orton, Job divine

Publication: “Account of the most ancient German Bibles, printed in the fifteenth century, which are in the library at Nuremberg,” by Panzer, George Wolfgang Francis bibliographer

Died: Pombal, Sebastian Joseph Carvalho marquis of

Publication: “The Sublime and Beautiful of Scripture. Being Essays on select Passages of Sacred Compositions,” by Pratt, Samuel Jackson poet (17491814)

Publication: “An Apology for the Life and Writings of David Hume,” by Pratt, Samuel Jackson poet (17491814)

Publication: “Four Sermons on the Good Samaritan, and the nature of Christ’s kingdom,” by Pyle, Thomas divine

Publication: “The Repository,” by Reed, Isaac a gentleman eminently conversant in literary history

Publication: “History of America,” by Robertson, William one of the most illustrious names in modern literature

Publication: “System physique et moral de la Fernm?,” by Roussel, Peter physician

Publication: “History of Craven.” by Sheepshanks, William clergyman

Publication: “Miscellaneous works,” by Stanhope, Pinup Dormer fourth earl of Chesterfield

Publication: “De tussi convuUiva infantum,” by Strack, Charles physician

Publication: “The Me* moirs of the Town and County of Leicester,” by Throsby, John writer

Died: Townley, James a learned master of Merchant Taylors’ school

Publication: “Goat’s Beard,” by Whitehead, William poet (?–1785)

Publication: “An Impartial Enquiry into the Case of the Gospel-Demoniacs with an appendix, consisting of an Essay on Scripture-­Demonology,” by Worthington, William divine

Died: Zanotti, Francis Maria mathematician