Events noted in 1772

The event pages are experimental; the OCR errors in the text mean this is incomplete and unreliable but I offer it in the hopes that it will be of some use. Events shown include births and deaths of people with their own entries, and also the publication dates of some of the works cited.

1771 1773


Died: Achard, Anthony divine

Publication: “Glossarium manuale ad scriptores medii et infimae Latinitatis,” by Adelung, John Christopher a learned German grammarian (?–1806)

Publication: “Letter to the earl of Bute,” by Almon, John bookseller

Publication: “The Chinese Military Art,” by Amiot, Father one of the most learned French missionaries in China

Publication: “Histoire de S. Maur, abbé de Glanfeuil,” by Ansart, Andrew Joseph historian

Publication: “L'empire Turc considéré dans son etablissment et ses accroissemens,” by Anville, John-Baptiste Bourignon D' first geographer to the king of France (?–1782)

Publication: “L'empire de Russie, considéré dans son origine et ses accroissemens,” by Anville, John-Baptiste Bourignon D' first geographer to the king of France (?–1782)

Died: Aquino, Louis Claude De musician

Publication: “L‘Histoire ancienne des peuples de l’Europe par de Buat,” by Arnaud, Francis writer

Died: Bagard, Charles physician

Publication: “Indices Tres,” by Baker, William a learned printer

Publication: “Observations on Church Authority.” by Balguy, Thomas son of the above

Born: Barral, Abbe Peter born at Grenoble

Publication: “Electricismo artificiale,” by Beccaria, John Baptist monk

Publication: “History of Embanking,” by Bell, Beaupre antiquary

Died: Bellin, Nicholas geographical engineer of the marine

Publication: “Some historical account of Guinea, with an enquiry into the rise and progress of the Slave Trade, its nature, and lamentable effects,” by Benezet, Anthony an American philanthropist

Publication: “Riflessioni sur Gesuitismo,” by Benvenuti, Charles Jesuit

Publication: “Histoire de Geneve, depuis son origine jusqu'a nos jours,” by Berenger, John Peter writer

Publication: “Recueil pour les Astronomes,” by Bernoulli, John the grandson of the preceding John

Died: Bidermann, John Theophilus writer

Died: Bleterie, John Philip Rene De La was born at Rennes

Publication: “Architecture Francaise,” by Blondel, James Francis and a man of abilities

Publication: “The Freeholder,” by Boyd, Hugh writer

Publication: “Corrections in verse, from the father of the college, on son Cadogan’s Gout dissertation; containing false physic, false logic, false philosophy,” by Browne, Sir William physician

Publication: “Speech to the Royal Society,” by Browne, Sir William physician

Publication: “Analecta veterum Poetarum Graecorum,” by Brunck, Richard Francis Frederick critic

Publication: “L‘Histoire ancienne des peuples de l’Europe,” by Buat-Nancay, Louis Gabriel Du chevalier and count of Nanay

Publication: “Heche rches sur l‘Histoire d’Allemagne,” by Buat-Nancay, Louis Gabriel Du chevalier and count of Nanay

Publication: “Introduction to the law relative to Trials at Nisi Prius,” by Buller, Sir Francis a judge of the court of king’s-bench and common-pleas

Died: Camus, Antony Le physician

Publication: “Remarks on Gibbon’s Roman History,” by Chelsum, James divine

Born: Cottin, Sophia De a French lady of considerable talents

Publication: “Thoughts onour acquisitions in the East Indies, particularly respecting Bengal,” by Dalrymple, Alexander an eminent hydrographer

Publication: “General View of the East India Company’s Affairs (written in January 1769), to which are added some Observations on the present State of the Company’s Affairs,” by Dalrymple, Alexander an eminent hydrographer

Publication: “Experiences sur la Bile, et les cadavres des pestiferes, faites par M. D.; accompagnees des Lettres, &c.” by Deidier, Anthony writer

Publication: “History and Antiquities of Rochester,” by Denne, Samuel was born at the deanry in Westminster

Died: Duclos, Charles Dineau born at Dinant in Bretagne

Publication: “Confusion worse confounded Rout on Rout or the bishop of Gloucester’s Commentary upon Rice or Arise Evans’s Echo from Heaven, examined and exposed. By Indignatio,” by Evans, Arise was a Welch conjuror

Publication: “An address to the serious and candid professors of Christianity,” by Evans, Caleb a dissenting minister of the baptist persuasion at Bristol (17371791)

Publication: “The Love of our Country, with historical notes,” by Evans, Evan divine and poet

Publication: “Des litres primitifs de la revelation, ou, considerations critiques sur la purete* et I‘integrit6 du texte original des livres saints de l’Ancien Testament,” by Fabricy, Gabriel Dominican

Publication: “Aphorismi de Marasmo, ex summis medicis collecti,” by Farr, Samuel physician

Publication: “Astronomy x explained upon sir Isaac Newton’s principles,” by Ferguson, James philosopher

Publication: “Lectures on select subjects in Mechanics, Hydrostatics, Pneumatics, and Optics,” by Ferguson, James philosopher

Died: Florez, Henry a Spanish Augustine

Publication: “The Nabpb,” by Foote, Samuel esq. called the English Aristophanes

Publication: “The Bankrupt,” by Foote, Samuel esq. called the English Aristophanes

Died: Frezier

Publication: “Second Persian Journey,” by Gmelin, Samuel Gottlieb was born at Tubingen in 1743; where he was educated

Died: Græme, John a young man of Scotland whose genius and learning have been most injudiciously heightened

Publication: “Bibliotheque ecclesiastique,” by Guyon, Marie-Claude historian

Publication: “Observations on Mount Vesuvius, Mount Etna, and other Volcanoes of the Two Sicilies,” by Hamilton, Sir William a gentleman of great eminence in the literary and political world

Publication: “On the origin of Language,” by Herder, John Gottfried philosopher (?–1803)

Publication: “Genuine Letters from a gentleman to a young lady his pupil,” by Hull, Thomas writer

Died: Jebb, Samuel, M. D. a native of Nottingham (1694–?)

Publication: “Hamlet,” by Jennens, Charles, Esq. a gentleman of considerable fortune at Gopsal

Publication: “Reflections on the Negro Cause,” by Long, Edward author of a valuable History of Jamaica

Publication: “A comment on the Thirty-nine Articles,” by Madan, Martin preacher

Publication: “Memoirs of Russia,” by Manstein, Christopher Herman De writer

Publication: “Eifnda” by Mason, William divine

Publication: “Journal,” by Morland, Sir Samuel, Bart. a man of very considerable celebrity in his day

Publication: “Journal of the Swedish Embassy in 1653 and 1654,” by Morton, Charles antiquary

Died: North, George antiquary

Died: Nugent, Thomas writer

Publication: “The Joineriana or, The Book of Scraps,” by Paterson, Samuel a gentleman who deserves honourable notice in the literary history of his country

Publication: “An assemblage of coins fabricated by authority of the archbishops of Canterbury. To which are subjoined two Dissertations,” by Pegge, Samuel antiquary

Publication: “Fitz-Stephen’s Description of the city of London,” by Pegge, Samuel antiquary

Publication: “Tour in Scotland,” by Pennant, Thomas traveller

Publication: “An Account of the Method of obtaining a perfect or radical Cure of the Hydrocele, or Watry Rupture, by means of a seton,” by Pott, Percival surgeon (17131788)

Publication: “Considerations on the indignity suffered by the Crown, and dishonour brought upon the Nation, by the Marriage of his Royal Highness the Duke of Cumberland with an English subject,” by Pownall, Thomas a gentleman of considerable learning and political knowledge

Publication: “Observations on different kinds of Air,” by Pringle, Sir John baronet (17071782)

Publication: “Academical Discourses” by Rezzonico, Anthony Joseph, Count scholar

Publication: “La Morale evangelique, comparée à celle des differentes sectes de religion et de philosophie,” by Rose, John Baptist a worthy French priest

Publication: “Natural History of the county of Dublin.” by Rutty, John writer

Publication: “An Essay towards a Natural History of the County of Dublin,” by Rutty, John writer

Publication: “Sermons” by Sharpe, Gregory master of the Temple

Publication: “Gent. Mag.” by Spence, Joseph divine

Publication: “De coiica pictonum,” by Strack, Charles physician

Died: Swedenborg, Emanuel a Swedish enthusiast

Died: Toussaint, Francis Vincent writer

Died: Usher, James writer

Publication: “Essai sur Pindare,” by Vauvilliers, John Francis writer

Publication: “Proprietates Algebraicarum Curvarum,” by Waring, Edward Lucasian professor of mathematics in the university of Cambridge

Died: Wilkie, William poet

Died: Wilson, Bernard divine