Events noted in 1400

The event pages are experimental; the OCR errors in the text mean this is incomplete and unreliable but I offer it in the hopes that it will be of some use. Events shown include births and deaths of people with their own entries, and also the publication dates of some of the works cited.

1300 1450


Died: Angriani, Michael commonly called Michael of Bologna

Died: Baldi De Ubaldus lawyer

Publication: “The amorous contention of Phillis and Flora,” by Chapman, George poet

Born: Gozzoli, Benozzo artist

Born: Guttenberg, John called also Gænsfleisch de Sulgeloch

Died: Gwilym, David Ap the Ovid of Wales

Born: Porcellus, Peter a Neapolitan of the fifteenth century


Born: Cusa, Nicholas De cardinal

Born: Masaccio artist


Died: Gower, John one of the few poets who flourished in the first periods of our poetical history

Born: Joan Of Arc commonly called the Maid of Orleans


Born: Estouteville, William D' cardinal


Born: Sanchez, Roderico prelate


Born: Kennedy, James bishop

Born: Palmieri, Matthew an Italian chronicler

Born: Pius Ii., Pope whose name was Æneas Sylvius Piccolomini


Died: Coluccio, Salutato poet and philosopher

Born: Vegio, Maffei poet


Died: Birchington, Stephen or Brickington

Born: Dunois, John a brave French officer

Born: Valla, Lawrence a man of letters of great emience in the fifteenth century


Born: Justiniani, Bernard nephew of the above

Born: Oliva, Alexander general of the Augustin monks


Born: Castagno, Andrea, Dal painter

Born: Picus, John Francis was the son of Galeoti Picus (?–1533)

Died: Roye, Guy Le archbishop


Died: Ancharanus, Peter an eminent civilian of the fourteenth century

Died: Boston, John monk

Born: Morton, John prelate

Publication: “A History of the Schism,” by Thierri a native of Paderborn in Westphalia


Died: Cantacuzenus, John emp.eror of Constantinople


Publication: “De Bello inter Hispanos et Genuenses,” by Bracelli, James antiquary

Born: Caxton, William to whom this country owes the introduction of printing (14121492)

Died: Fabriano, Gentile Da painter


Died: Arundel, Thomas archbishop

Born: Sixtus Iv. is said by some writers to have been the son of a fisherman at Celles


Born: Accolti, Benedetto historian

Born: Botoner, William writer

Publication: “In short, I have in one night consummated my marriage, and consumed my patrimony.” by Bruni, Leonard historian

Died: Vergerius, Peter Paul one of the most learned men of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries


Died: Foligno, Federigo Frezzi Da poet

Born: Francis, Of Paulo saint


Died: Aliprandi, Bonamente whom Crescembini has placed among the poets of Italy

Born: Andreas, John bishop

Died: Thierri a native of Paderborn in Westphalia


Born: Accolti, Francis the brother of Benedetto

Died: Flamel, Nicholas falsely celebrated as an alchymist


Born: Attavanti, Paul generally known in Italy by the name of Father Paul of Florence

Born: Wesselus, John one of the most learned men of the fifteenth century


Born: Dati, Augustine writer

Born: Merula, George an Italian of very uncommon talents and learning

Died: Spinello, Aretino painter


Born: Basin of Parma

Born: Bellini, Gentile artist

Born: Platina, Bartolomeo Sacchi so called

Publication: “History of the Popes,” by Platina, Bartolomeo Sacchi so called


Born: Bellini, Giovanni was born at Venice in 1422

Born: Cadamosto, Lewis a famous Venetian navigator


Died: Argillata, Peter physician

Born: Purbach, George astronomer


Born: Landinus, Christopher scholar

Born: Scala, Bartholomew an Italian

Died: Zisca, John whose proper name was De Trocznow


Died: Ailli, Peter D' an eminent Romish ecclesiastic

Born: Caraccioli, Robert often called Hobertus de Licio

Died: Chrysoloras, Emanuel the principal of those learned men who brought the Greek language and literature into the West


Born: Antonio, Da Messina so called because he was of that city

Died: Eyck, Hubert Van painter

Born: Pontanus, John Jovian a very learned Italian


Died: Albicus archbishop

Born: Bosso, Matthew scholar

Born: Campanus, John Anthony poet


Born: Acciaioli, Donato was of an illustrious family

Died: Beston, John divine

Born: Bigne, Gace De La and not de la Vigne

Born: Leonicenus, Nicholas an eminent Italian phy-

Died: Medici, Cosmo De a celebrated citizen of Florence


Died: Bate, John prior of the monastery of Carmelites at York in the fifteenth century

Died: Gerson, John by some called Charlier


Born: Afflitto, Matthew lawyer

Born: Albertini, Paul divine

Died: Gasparino, Banzizza one of the revivers of literature

Born: Mahomet Ii. the eleventh sultan of the Turks


Born: Mantegna, Andrea painter

Born: Pulci, Luigi one of the most famous Italian poets


Born: Annius which Bayle follows

Born: Pace, Richard a learned Englishman (14821532)


Born: Ficinus, Marsilius a learned Italian


Born: Boiardo, Matteo-Maria count of Scandiano

Died: Botoner, William writer

Born: Foresti, James, Philip Of was born at Soldio

Died: Procopius, Rasus, Or The Shaven Rasus


Born: Muller, John commonly called Regiomontanus

Born: Sabellicus whose proper name was Marcus Antonius Coccius


Born: Abrabanel, Isaac rabbi

Born: Botticelli, Alexander painter and engraver

Died: Castro, Paul De one of the most eminent lawyers of the fifteenth century

Publication: “Si Bartolus non esset, esset Paulus.” by Castro, Paul De one of the most eminent lawyers of the fifteenth century

Born: Esperiente, Philip Callimachus historian

Born: Ximenes, Francis statesman


Born: Signorelli, Luca artist


Born: Bolzanio, Urbano Valeriano one of the revivers of letters in the fifteenth century

Died: Coster, Lawrence an inhabitant of Haerlem

Born: Fevre, James Le Stapulensis


Born: Augurello, John Aurelio an Italian

Born: Beaufort, Margaret the foundress of Christ’s and St

Died: Eyck, John Van and the supposed inventor of oil-painting


Born: Agricola, Rodolphus one of the most learned men of the fifteenth century

Born: Antonius Ælius Nebrissensis was born in 1442

Born: Columbus, Christopher a Genoese

Born: Grocyn, William a man eminently learned in his day> and one of the revivers of literature

Died: Rudborne, Thomas bishop

Born: Wydeville, Anthony, Earl Rivers a very accomplished nobleman of the fifteenth century (?–1483)

Died: Zabarella, Francis cardinal (?–1417)


Died: Angelico, Fra Giovanni da Fiesole

Died: Aretino, Charles was of Arezzo in Tuscany

Born: Raulin, John divine


Born: Bramante Di Urbino but celebrated under the former name

Died: Bruni, Leonard historian

Publication: “J. Dlugossi historiie Polonicoe Hbri duodecim, &c.” by Dlugoss, John Longinus historian

Born: Galateo, Antony writer


Born: Calderinus, Domitius a man of great learning in the fifteenth century

Died: Ferdinand Of Cordoua a learned Spaniard

Born: Fontius, Bartholomæus of Florence

Born: Geiler, John or

Publication: “Oratio ad regem Alphonsum in nuptiis filii sui.” by Manetti, Giannozzo scholar

Born: Porta, Johnbaptista a Neapolitan gentleman

Died: Tudeschi, Nicholas an eminent canonist


Died: Brunelleschi, Philip architect

Born: Comines Lat. Cominæus

Publication: “Actis & Deidis of Shyr Willam Wallace,” by Henry The Minstrel poet

Died: Masaccio artist

Born: Perugino, Pietro painter

Born: Urceus, Anthony Codrus a learned Italian


Died: Beaufort, Henry bishop

Born: Manutius, Aldus the elder of three justly celebrated printers (?–1515)

Died: Waynflete, William Of the illustrious founder of Magdalen college


Died: Bencius, Hugo was a native of Sienna

Born: Brandt, Sebastian lawyer

Died: Burchiello poet

Born: Mantuan, Baptist poet

Born: Medici, Lorenzo was born Jan. 1


Died: Chartier, Alain a native of Bayeux (1385–?)

Born: Ghirlandaio, Domenico painter

Publication: “Proclus de Sphaera,” by Grocyn, William a man eminently learned in his day> and one of the revivers of literature

Born: Ruccellai, Bernard in Latin Oricellarius