Events noted in 1510

The event pages are experimental; the OCR errors in the text mean this is incomplete and unreliable but I offer it in the hopes that it will be of some use. Events shown include births and deaths of people with their own entries, and also the publication dates of some of the works cited.

1500 1520


Died: Afflitto, Matthew lawyer

Publication: “Memoriale di molte Statue, e Picture sono mellinclita Cipta di Florentia per mano di Sculptori, et Pictori excellenti moderni, ed antiqui.” by Albertini, Francis an ecclesiastic of Florence

Publication: “Compendium” by Anglicus, Gllbertus or

Born: Bacon, Sir Nicholas queen

Died: Bianchi, Francis Ferrari called IL Frari

Born: Brueghel, Peter called Old Brueghel

Died: Calepin, Ambrose a lexicographer of considerable fame

Born: Calmo, Andrew who was born at Venice about the year 1510

Died: Cortezi, Paul prelate

Born: Dessenius, Bernard physician

Died: Donato, Jerom a nobleman of Venice

Born: Franco, Nicolas poet

Died: Geiler, John or

Born: Gratarolus, William physician

Born: Jansenius, Cornelius prelate (?–1576)

Born: Ingrassias, Jon Philip physician

Born: Kaye, John physician

Publication: “Oratio de laudibus D. Ludovici Francorum regis, &c.” by Longueil, Christopher De scholar

Publication: “In primum et secundum sententiarum commentarii,” by Major, John divine

Born: Ponte, Jacob Da called also IL Bassano

Born: Postel, William a very ingenious but visionary man

Born: Pulmannus, Theodore properly Poelman

Born: Salviati, Francisco Rossi called Tl Salviati

Born: Tremellius, Immanuel divine (?–1580)

Publication: “History of king Boccus and Sydracke,” by Twyne, John one of a family of Oxford antiquaries

Born: Vaux, Thomas Lord Vaux of Harwedon


Born: Amatus, John Roderigo Amato physician

Born: Amboise, Michael D' writer

Born: Ammanati, Bartholomew architect

Born: Bauhin, John the first of a family of men of learning and fame

Died: Benedictus, Alexander physician

Born: Boccaccino, Boccaccio artist

Died: Cotta, John poet

Born: Eberus, Paul one of the early reformers

Born: Espence, Claude D' divine

Born: Everard, Joannes Secundus and more generally known by these last names (?–1536)

Died: Fabyan, Robert historian

Died: Giorgione artist (?–1511)

Died: Holte, John author of the first Latin grammar of any noie in England

Born: Hyperius, Gerard Andrew divine

Born: Naogeorge, Thomas divine

Born: Oswald, Erasmus a learned professor of the mathematics and of the Hebrew language

Born: Parkhurst, John prelate

Publication: “Salubria de sanitate tuenda priecepta,” by Paulus, Ægineta a native of the island Ægina

Born: Portus, Francis a learnedwriter of the sixteenth century

Born: Reinhold, Erasmus astronomer

Died: Sadolet, James a polite and learned Italian (?–1547)

Died: Trissino, Johnn George poet

Born: Viret, Peter an able assistant in the reformation

Born: White, John bishop


Born: Abbati, Nicolo painter (15121571)

Died: Achillini, Alexander a native of Bologna

Publication: “Lexicon GraecoLatinum,” by Aleander, Jerome cardinal (?–1542)

Publication: “De autoritate Ecclesise, &c.” by Almain, James professor of divinity in the college of Navarre

Died: Antiquarius, James a learned Italian of the fifteenth century

Publication: “Dionocides digestus alphabetico ordine,” by Apono, Peter astrologer

Publication: “Lexipyretae perpetuae questionis et annexorum solutio, de nobilitate facultatum per terminos utriusque facultatis,” by Bayro, Peter De physician

Died: Bellini, Giovanni was born at Venice in 1422

Died: Campegio, Lawrence cardinal

Born: Chappel, William divine

Died: Dante, Peter Vincent a native of Perugia

Born: Driedo, John in low Dutch Dridoens

Born: Dyer, Sir James lawyer (?–1582)

Born: Ferrars, George lawyer

Born: Harding, Thomas divine

Publication: “Les Illustrations des Gaules, et singularites de Troyes,” by Maire, John Le poet

Born: Manutius, Paul was born at Venice in 1512 (?–1574)

Born: Mercator, Gerard mathematician

Born: Sainte-Marthe in Latin Sammartbanus

Publication: “Itinerarium” by Stephanus, Henry and in France Estienne

Born: Surita, Jerome historian

Born: Tintoretto, Giacopo painter

Born: Turnebus, Adrian critic

Born: Vasari, George artist


Born: Adrets, François De Beaumont, Baron Des of an ancient family in Dauphiny

Born: Adriani, John Baptist was born in 1513

Born: Argentier, John born at Quiers

Born: Baius, Michael was born at Melun

Born: Bentham, Thomas divine

Born: Bordone, Paris artist

Died: Bradshaw, Henry poet

Born: Caldwall, Richard physician

Publication: “Odes,” by Celtes, Conrad poet

Publication: “An historical account of the city of Nuremberg,” by Celtes, Conrad poet

Born: Coras, John De in Latin Corasitjs

Publication: “Panegyric! variorum Auctorum,” by Cuspinian, John whose German name was Speishammer

Born: Dalechamp, James botanist

Publication: “Rhetorum collectio,” by Demades an Athenian

Died: Fontius, Bartholomæus of Florence

Publication: “Aulularia” by Inghirami, Tomaso Fedra scholar

Born: Latinus, Latinius one of the most learned critics of the sixteenth century

Publication: “Brevissima institutio, seu ratio grammatices cognoscendi,” by Lily, William an eminent English grammarian (?–1523)

Publication: “History, &c. of Troy” by Lydgate, John poet

Born: Morales, Ambrose a pious and learned Spanish priest

Died: Ofihely, Maurice archbishop

Publication: “Collectanea Bibiiorum libri quinque,” by Peckham, John archbishop

Publication: “Cornucopia, seu Latinae Linguae Commentarius,” by Perot, Nicholas prelate (1429–?)

Died: Pinturiccio, Bernardino artist

Publication: “S. Basil. Sermo de differentia Usiaa et Hypostasis,” by Rhenanus, Beatus scholar

Publication: “S. Gregorii Nanzianzeni oratio et Epistolae duae ad Themistium,” by Rhenanus, Beatus scholar

Died: Sabbatini, Andrea known likewise by the name of Andrea da Salerno

Publication: “Polycraticon.” by Salisbury, John Of one of the greatest ornaments of the twelfth century

Publication: “Elucidatio Fabric. Ususque Astrolabii,” by Stoefler, John mathematician


Born: Amyot, James bishop

Died: Bambridge, Christopher archbishop (1463–?)

Born: Bartholomew Of The Martyrs Dominican

Born: Beaucaire De Peguilon, Francis in Latin Belcarius Plguilio

Died: Bebele, Henry a native of Justingen

Publication: “Syderalis /ibyssus,” by Berauld, Nicholas was born at Orleans in 1475

Died: Bramante Di Urbino but celebrated under the former name

Born: Cheke, Sir John writer

Died: Columbus, Don Bartholomew brother of Christopher

Publication: “Epodon ex puris lambis,” by Dousa, Janus a very learned man

Died: Elphinston, William prelate

Born: Majoragius, Mark Antony so named from a village in the territory of Milan

Publication: “Rhetorica Ciceronis,” by Navagero, Andrew, poet

Publication: “Epithemata in insigne formalitatum opus de mente doctoris subtilis,” by Ofihely, Maurice archbishop

Died: Pace, Richard a learned Englishman (14821532)

Born: Plantin, Christopher an eminent printer

Publication: “Baptista Guarinus de modo et ordine docendi ac discendi,” by Rhenanus, Beatus scholar

Born: Rheticus, George Joachim astronomer

Died: Ruccellai, Bernard in Latin Oricellarius

Born: Smith, Sir Thomas statesman (?–1577)

Publication: “De re accipitraria,” by Thou, James Augustus historian

Born: Vesalius, Andrew anatomist


Publication: “Topographia inclytae civitatis Mazariae,” by Adria, John James historian

Publication: “Questiones Quodlibeticae,” by Adrian Vi. pope

Publication: “De Sermone Latino et de Modis Latine loquendi,” by Adrian, De Castello bishop

Publication: “Tabulae sane utiles Graecarum musarum adyta compendio ingredi volentibus,” by Aleander, Jerome cardinal (?–1542)

Died: Almain, James professor of divinity in the college of Navarre

Born: Ascham, Roger scholar (?–1568)

Publication: “Geronticon,” by Augurello, John Aurelio an Italian

Publication: “In Aratoris presbyter! poema de Apostolorum rebus gestis commentarium,” by Barbosa, Arius a native of Aveiro in Portugal

Publication: “De Litteratis urbis Roma principibus opusculum. Elysii Calentii oppido quam elegantes epistolse, a Barlando recognitas et argumentis auctae. Menandri dicta eximia, adnotationibus illustrata,” by Barland, Adrian writer

Publication: “Taciti Annalium libri quinque priores,” by Beroaldo, Philip the younger

Born: Borghini, Vincent was born at Florence in 1515 of a noble family

Died: Botticelli, Alexander painter and engraver

Born: Cananus, John Baptist one of the restorers and improvers of anatomy

Born: Cassander, George divine

Born: Castalio, Sebastian was born in 1515

Born: Chaloner, Sir Thomas a gallant soldier

Born: Cordus, Valerius and worthy of his father

Born: Ferron, Arnauld Du lawyer

Died: Fitzherbert, Sir Anthony lawyer

Died: Francis I. king of France (?–1547)

Publication: “Satirse Octo,” by Geldenhaur, Gerard Eobanus divine

Born: Gomez De Castro, Alvarez was born at St Eulalia

Born: Habington, William poet

Born: Howard, Henry Earl of Surrey (?–1547)

Publication: “What hopes, indeed,” by Melancthon, Philip whom the common consent of all ecclesiastical historians has placed among the most eminent of the reformers

Born: Neri, St. Philip De founder of the congregation of priests of the Oratory in Italy

Died: Porta, Johnbaptista a Neapolitan gentleman

Born: Ramus, Peter mathematician (?–1572)

Publication: “De 73 Mosaicae Sanctionis Edictis,” by Richer, Peter De Belleval botanist

Publication: “Proverbs or adagies gathered out of the Chiliades of Erasmus,” by Taverner, Richard a pious layman of the reigns of Henry VIII

Born: Wier, John physician (?–1588)


Publication: “Epistola ad Conjugem,” by Adria, John James historian

Publication: “De Inventione Dialectica,” by Agricola, Rodolphus one of the most learned men of the fifteenth century

Born: Augustin, Anthony archbishop

Publication: “Aureus de utraque potestate libellus, in hunc usque diem non visus, Somnium Viridarii yulgariter nuncupatus,” by Aurigni, Gilles De called also Pamphille

Publication: “Metaphrasis in oeconomicon Aristotelis,” by Berauld, Nicholas was born at Orleans in 1475

Born: Chabot, Peter Walter a learned philologer

Publication: “Les Grandes Chroniques des dues jde Savoie,” by Champier, Benedict Curtius Symphorien writer

Born: Coligni, Gaspard De the second of the name

Born: Fabricius, George a learned German

Publication: “Rule ofSt. Benedict,” by Fox, Richard prelate (1475–?)

Born: Gesner, Conrad scholar

Publication: “Epistolos obscurorum virorum ad Dominum Magistrum Ortuinum Gratium,” by Gratius, Ortuinus a native of Holhwic in the diocese of Minister

Born: Haddon, Dr. Walter scholar (?–1572)

Born: Lambin, Denys a learned Frenchman

Publication: “Libri duo fallaciarum,” by Major, John divine

Publication: “In quatuor sententiarum commentarius,” by Major, John divine

Died: Mantuan, Baptist poet

Born: Masius, Andrew born in 1516

Publication: “Utopia.” by More, Sir Thomas chancellor of England in the reign of Henry VIII. and one of the most illustrious 1Gent (?–1535)

Born: Poynet, John bishop

Publication: “Ortus Vocabulorum,” by Rider, John prelate

Born: Robins, John mathematician (?–1558)

Born: Robortello, Francis critic

Died: Trithemius, John abbot

Died: Vesputius, Americus a navigator from whose name the largest quarter of the world has very unjustly been named

Died: Ximenes, Francis statesman

Born: Zanchius, Jerome divine (?–1590)


Publication: “Titulos Legum ex Codice Theodosiario,” by Ægidius, Peter lawyer

Publication: “De Viris illustribus ordinis praedicatorum, libri sex in unum congesti,” by Alberti, Leander adominican and provincial of his order

Born: Angelio, Peter poet

Born: Anguillara, John Andrew De one of the most celebrated Italian poets of the sixteenth century

Publication: “Commentaria seu Lecturas in quatuor Libros Sententiarum,” by Bassol, John a native of Scotland in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries

Born: Cooper, Thomas bishop

Born: Dodoens, Rembert botanist

Born: Fox, John divine

Died: Galateo, Antony writer

Born: Gilpin, Bernard divine (?–1583)

Born: Godwin, Thomas prelate

Publication: “Pastime of Pleasure,” by Hawes, Stephen poet

Died: Krantz, Albert historian (1450–?)

Publication: “De Sanitate tuenda,” by Linacre, Thomas one of the most eminent physicians and scholars of his age

Publication: “Commentarius in tertium sententiarum,” by Major, John divine

Born: Mary queen (?–1558)

Publication: “De fructu qui ex doctrina percipitur liber.” by Pace, Richard a learned Englishman (14821532)

Born: Pelletier, Jaques physician

Born: Perrenot, Anthony was born 1517

Born: Plowden, Edmund lawyer

Publication: “Lives” by Plutarch historian

Died: Porta, Baccio Della artist

Publication: “Quintus Curtius,” by Rhenanus, Beatus scholar

Born: Sampson, Thomas divine

Publication: “De Statu Religionis & lleipublicie, Carolo Quinto Cajsaie, Commentarii,” by Sleidan, John historian (?–1556)

Publication: “De Fulminum significationibus,” by Valerianus, Pierius an ingenious and learned Italian (?–1538)


Publication: “Collection of Scholia on seven of the tragedies of Euripides,” by Arsenius archbishop

Born: Belon, Peter of the faculty of Paris

Died: Bembo, Pietro in Lat. Petrus Bembus (?–1547)

Publication: “De Cranii fractura, tractatus,” by Berengarius, James physician and anatomist (1490–?)

Born: Bruschius, Caspar historian and poet

Born: Bruto, John Michael a very learned Venetian

Born: Ferrari, Octavian an Italian author

Born: Foglieta, Hubert a learned Genoese

Died: Francia, Francesco painter

Born: Funch, John divine

Publication: “De Harmonica Musicor. Instrumentorum,” by Gaffurius, Franchinus writer

Publication: “Lamentationes obscurorum virorum non prohibits per Sedem Apostolicam,” by Gratius, Ortuinus a native of Holhwic in the diocese of Minister

Born: Languet, Hubert a native of France

Publication: “Progymnasmata Thorns Mori & Gulielmi Lilii, Sodalium,” by Lily, William an eminent English grammarian (?–1523)

Publication: “Expositio concionalis Psalmi Sexti,” by Longland, John prelate

Publication: “I cast myself, holy father, at your feet, with all I am and have. Give me life, or put me to death; confirm or revoke, approve or disapprove, as you please. I own your voice as that of Jesus Christ, who rules and speaks by you; and if I have deserved death I refuse not to die.” by Luther, Martin divine (?–1546)

Publication: “Literalis in Matthaeum expositio,” by Major, John divine

Publication: “Oratio nuperrime composita de fcedere percusso inter Henricum Angliae regem, et Francorum reg. Christianiss. in aede Pauli Lond. habita,” by Pace, Richard a learned Englishman (14821532)

Born: Palladio, Andrew architect

Publication: “Marcelli Virgilii de militias laudibus,” by Rhenanus, Beatus scholar

Publication: “In Laudem Matrimonii,” by Tunstall, Cuthbert a very learned


Died: Acciaioli, Zanobio was born at Florence in 1461

Publication: “Virginia comedia, capitoli, e strambotti di messer Bernardo, Accolti Aretino, in Firenze (al di Francesco Rossegli),” by Accolti, Bernard and

Publication: “Threnodiain funus Maximiliani Caesaris, cum Epitaphiis aliquot et Epigrammatum libello,” by Ægidius, Peter lawyer

Born: Aersens, Peter called by the Italians PietroLongo

Publication: “De Certamine Singulari.” by Aquaviva, Andrew Matthew Duke of Atri in the kingdom of Naples

Born: Benzoni, Jerom a Milanese

Born: Beza, Theodore one of the chief promoters of the Reformation

Born: Caesalpinus, Andrew botanist

Publication: “Oratio de Groecarum disciplinarum laudibus,” by Croke, Richard in Latin Crocus

Publication: “De Cicsaribus et Imperatoribus Romanorum,” by Cuspinian, John whose German name was Speishammer

Publication: “Historia de rege Uladislao, seu clade Varnensi,” by Esperiente, Philip Callimachus historian

Born: Gresham, Sir Thomas descended of an ancient family distinguished by many honourable persons (?–1579)

Died: Grocyn, William a man eminently learned in his day> and one of the revivers of literature

Died: Langius, Rodolph a gentleman of Westphalia

Died: Leo X. was a pontiff whose history is so connected with that of literature and the reformation (?–1521)

Publication: “Expositio cone, secundi psalmi pcenitentialis, coram rege,” by Longland, John prelate

Publication: “Grammar.” by Melancthon, Philip whom the common consent of all ecclesiastical historians has placed among the most eminent of the reformers

Born: More, Sir Antonio artist

Born: Neal, Thomas divine

Born: Owen, George physician

Publication: “Angeli Politiani Epistolae,” by Politian, Angelus a most ingenious and learned Italian

Publication: “Synopsis de laudibus Calvitii cum scholiis,” by Rhenanus, Beatus scholar

Publication: “Maximus Tyrius,” by Rhenanus, Beatus scholar

Publication: “Talmudica Commentariola,” by Richer, Peter De Belleval botanist

Born: Sandys, Edwin prelate